Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day 18/365

So far, today has been one of the best days of 2014 so far. Today, reminded me of all the little blessings I have in my life to be thankful for. 

1) Chloe a.k.a Kalowee ❤️

I get to see this girl every few months and while we are apart, to be completely honest, we hardly text or keep in contact unless it's super super urgent/important. And yet, every time we meet up it's like we've not gone a day without seeing each other! 

I am absolutely thankful that I met her in my IB years, she's the one who kept me sane throughout my 1.5 years with IB and if that damn International baccalaureate did anything useful in my life, it gave me the chance to meet and have Chloe in my life. 

Thanks IB! Haha 

Anyway, we started off the day nice and bright at C.A Mohamed where I think they have the best kuah Kurma there is, ever. And slowly made our way to Tutti Frutti for some froyo sesh. 


And then we ended our little session with a super good Thai massage! An hour for only BND28. I think it was super worth it and definitely worth a try. :D 

2) Family 

Yeah, my dad be too cool to come in these pictures haha! My brother's birthday is tomorrow but since I'm leaving right after lunch we celebrated it a little earlier. 

Had dinner at a nearby seafood restaurant before coming back to devour the super delish cake! 

Dinner was super nommy. I even had extra rice! And then the cake afterwards was nice. I miss having family dinners a lot. It isn't always easy living away from my family, but I guess it's what makes me appreciate them all the more. 

Super envious of people who gets to eat with family on a weekly basis. I mean I am thankful I have relatives I get to eat dinner with on a weekly basis-- don't get me wrong :) 

3) My doggies 

I cannot stress just how much these fur babies make me so so so happy and thankful for them. I love them to bits and bits and it totally breaks my heart that I don't have them to come home to everyday in KL but still super thankful to see them on facetime almost everyday (or when I get to facetime with my parents) 

I am a #crazydoglady and I'm super proud of it. HEHE. 

Wish there was some way I could just tapau all three of them (Melody, Pepper and Scamp) with me back to Malaysia but unfortunately I wouldn't have time to take care of them. 

Just thankful that I get to come home every couple of months to see them and that they still recognize me and stick to me when I am back! :D 

I'm leaving for KL tomorrow at 16:00 and I am already a little :'( to having to say goodbye to my dear furry ones. I just miss them so much when I'm away. I'll be seeing my parents in about 10 days after tomorrow so that's a relief.

I am so glad I made this trip possible. It is so nice to be reminded of all my blessings every now and then. 

My life is good and I have to learn to stop whining about things. #positiveoutlook

One of the biggest things I hope to achieve this year is satisfaction and thankfulness for my life and to see the good in everything. Sure, I might have some bad days but there's always a silver lining in every gray cloud! 

Also, it's good to surround myself with good people too so I've got to keep that in mind. Keep the bad influences out and keep the good ones in. #important 

Have a good Sunday tomorrow everyone! 

Big love 

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