Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 27/365

Highlight of today was the good tasting session we had with Kyochon today.

Thank you ChurpChurp for the opportunity to try Korea's favourite fried chicken! Their brand ambassador is Super Junior! They even have a life sized Si Won to welcome you into the shop: 

Don't quite know what he's saying tho hahahaha. Like stop right there! Let me welcome you into the shop. Lol 

Anyway, as you might have guessed.. Kyochon specialises in Fried Chicken and they do it in a nice way that doesn't equate to oily chicken. Instead, double deep frying their organic sourced chicken with canola oil.. They provide a healthy alternative to the normal fried chicken. 

And we all know how much we love fried chicken. 
My favourite out of all they have to offer and boy, they have quite the selection of chicken is the Sal Sal chicken breast. Basically fried chicken breast coated with rice flour. Juicy and succulent. And Nommy!! 

They come with a selection of sauces; honey mustard, jambalaya and spicy sauce. I like the honey mustard one but I also prefer it without sauce. 

Also here's some of the chicken:

Out of these three (Soy, Honey and red wings) I really enjoyed the honey wings! So crispy and tasty.

I also enjoyed the grilled chicken which was super smooth and tasty! Had this with butter Korean rice which was SO GOOD. I could eat a couple bowls of that rice. Haha.

Anyway, Kyochon is now open at 1Utama. Give it a try, it's decent and healthy! I can't wait to bring my aunts over to try it out. I think they will enjoy it. 

So much to do today!! Reached home at about half ten and all I've been doing is chores chores chores. laundry, luggages... I am so tired. 

Also drove for the first time to work this morning and I got lost for an hour. It was quite scary but I got a grip of myself after a bit and finally found my way back. Lolol 

Me and aster at Kyochon! 

Right now as I am typing this the LOML is serenading me on Skype. 

Can you believe I'm seeing this handsome fella in 60days?!!!?!?! 

I honestly CANNOT wait. 

He still makes my leg feel like jelly when I see him over Skype. Imagine how I'm going to feel when I see him in person. *cries* 

Haha #overlyattachedamelia lololol 

Seeing my parents tomorrow! Gonna fly down to Singapore to meet them and fly over to Zurich for 10 days! Excite :D 

#Lifeisgood ATM. No complaints. 

Except maybe my backache. But everything else is great 

Lots of love, 
Amelia xo

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