Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 41/365

Hello everyone!

I am finally back in the land of durians and Nasi Lemak (KL - if you're not getting my drift) hahaha. I have had a good 10 days away and I am so thankful for the time spent away.

My parents and I went on a tour around Switzerland and then spent the weekend in good ol' Singapore.

Since I'm back with this daily blogging thing until the next time I'm off to a location with iffy 3G connection, I will try and convey my trip over the next 10 days (or more -- depending on how much time I have at night to blog :P)

Today was generally quite a nice day. The heat back in SEA is overwhelming. I cannot even walk across the street without breaking into a sweat. You might think I am exaggerating but I assure you, I am not. I came back and the first thing my aunt told me, " look around, all the grass is now brown." IT'S LIKE WE'RE LIVING IN THE DESSERT (this time I am exaggerating-- but what's Amelia without a little bit of OMG) lol But I was reading the news and apparently there was a record high of 34.5degrees towards the North.


Anyway, because I am obviously never made for the sun or heat, I enjoyed my get away to lovely beautiful Switzerland where everywhere was below 8 degrees Celsius. *woohoo

Day 1 and 2

Basically, spend the day catching my flight from KL > Singapore and meeting up with my parents in Changi International Airport. When I arrived there, there was a bit of a commotion with my parents cause we both reached Singapore in different terminals and therefore had quite a tough time finding each other since I didn't have my 3G on either. Thank goodness for free wi-fi (love)

Our flight was at 1:00AM, Singapore > Zurich. 12 hours flight. I was lucky enough to get about 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep on board the flight!  I guess it helped that I went to the airport right after rushing from work so I was dead tired.

Upon reaching Zurich, we got a little lost in the airport due to renovation but oh my days, all that cold air. *bliss*

We headed down to Rheinfall (Rhine Falls in English) which is the largest waterfall here in Europe. Obviously not comparable to Niagara Falls or Victoria Falls but it was pretty enough.

And then we continued our journey in Germany's Black Forest to see the famous Cuckoo Clocks!

And here's us with the beautiful Lake Titi (Titisee. See is lake in German)

Here's a little of the town that we were in. It was so quaint and quiet. Sometimes I wonder if I could ever live in a place that was all so quiet. Would I be at peace or would I go crazy having nothing to do? *ponders*

We then went back onto the Coach for a two hour ride back to Switzerland where we spent the night in a nice town called Lucern

Had a good night's sleep albeit experiencing some mild jet lag. My parents and I were awake at 1AM and didn't know what to do for a while :P 

Basically that's what we did on our first/second day there. It was pretty much relaxed since we had just got off the airplane and therefore the itinerary for the first day was simple.

If you are wondering, we did follow a tour. Specifically: Chan Brothers of Singapore. My parents have been with this tour group ever since I was 15 years old so they are definitely a tour company that I recommend. We have been (well, I have with my parents anyway.. the 4 years spent in Scotland, I didn't get to follow them on any of their tours since CNY never coincided with my uni holidays) to South Korea, Turkey, Spain, and, Vietnam with Chan Brothers. Without me, my parents have followed the Melbourne, Sydney tour as well as a 2 week Eastern European Tour, and last year then spent two weeks in South Africa as well. (So jealous when I heard they were going to SA! I want to go to SA desperately!!!!) We as a family try and travel at least twice a year. 

I am glad to be able to grow up with a family who adores travelling! I have learned so much. Not to mention, with my four years abroad in Aberdeen, I have had to blessing to be able to travel all around Europe and all the way to Morocco too. #lucky #thankful #NowtoconquerAsia

Anyway, as I was saying. We joined this tour group to Switzerland and I have to say, while I enjoy travelling independently with friends,  following a tour group is a lot less of a hassle so it's better for old people i.e My Parents. No fuss and they get to see everything without having to walk till their ankles are swollen. Also, all the hotels they put us in are all pretttttty sweet :) Plus, most meals are included as well. So I definitely recommend following a tour group (Chan Brothers are very reliable) if you're not too sure about travelling to a foreign country alone! :D

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. I'll be back tomorrow with Day 3 of Switzerland! :D 

Lots of love,
Amelia xo

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