Saturday, December 30, 2006

you claim that your so hot.

Jim - what wonderful answers. you are simply brilliant. :D hahahaha thank you very much. haha, =P
Elic - you paloi. come to my tb and ask about gary. im so hurt -_-

i cant reply the rest. voljin, he keeps singing. so i dont have an answer :P. elena, yes i miss you too =)

anyway, like my cousin said. i watched curse of the golden flower on wednesday. and right, there was this dude infront of me who was catching the advertisement for the movie 300, on his mobile phone. i mean why right? so paloi. -_-

i think i might be going down to serusop today if the cousin agrees too =s heh. brunei so boring, theres no where else to go. except : the mall (going there everyday :( ), kuilap, the huaho bunut (boring), yayasan (just went there yesterday). .... so depressing la. -_- why cant brunei be more like spore? got big big shopping centres and shit. heh

i still wished i was going for rains concerts. i read all the fan accounts and they make me wanna go oh-so-badly. :( heh so retarded can. he's even going to vietnam for goodness sake. the only places he's not going too in SEA is: brunei. myanmar and cambodia. knn. brunei same standards with myanmar and cambodia ah. -_- blehhhhhhhhhh

this is super sad. -_-

curse of the golden flower was okay. gong li was a brilliant actress and jay chou wasnt much so. i think he should just stick to whatever he does best. (that is- singing la. he cant act for life). but the movie was abit pointless. so banyak killing and silly lar. -_- and then all the affairs ah. super gali. like one is the prince have an affair with this lady who turns out to be his half sister. -_- eee. the girl went crazy la. (im sure you would if you found out the guy you've been sleeping with is your half brother) and then that prince himself got stabbed by his own little brother. -_- who later get whipped by the father. so silly.

haha, if you haven watch. and i kind of spoilt it for you. sorry lah! :D lol. unfortunately, im one of those girls who likes spoiling movies :D hahahahahahahhaha. (alot of people dislike me for this reason namely : becky, my cousins, my mother. hahahahaaaaa)

i'm going siao already, laughing at my self.

monday = swimming! new years liao looo. 2007.

so knn. i wish it was still 1988. -_-


okay, there i go again. hmmm.


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