Sunday, January 21, 2007


wah. so many tags, i dont know how to reply ^^

First, Shim. my brother will be delighted to know that you think he looks young. hahahahah well, the fringe isnt too short but its def shorter than my old one XD haha Voljin, Thank you for the compliment (not everyday thing.) hahahah. Jim, why LOL? :S Eric, haha. gay friend XD its ok eric. Yan, haha. not exactly fringe la. still can put to the side XD Esther, My fringe has always somewhat been like this XD =) Elena, you shit one. always say nice. XD cannot trust you :P Diana, scuttlebutt is used in the sentence, "whats the scuttlebutt?" in the same meaning with, " whats the 411?" its from an episode of the office in which Dwight uses it :) haha

what im about to tupe abt is very sad and quite offensive matter actually.(so dont read if your very sensitive. -_-) I mean, its not often i find something i reallly realllly Like. except RAIN and he's not a thing, hes a person even. and well, people complain they get bored of me talking about it right. So i find something else. READ: the office. and then now, i'm so hooked up on it. its like one of the only things i ever have something to say about since theres a new episode every week. and now people complain that i shouldnt talk about the office so much. So i try intro-ing it to some people close to me right, and it turns out they dont like it. -_- pfft. i mean, didnt even give it a chance. How on earth can you watch half an episode and decide right then and there that its boring? pffft. TRUTH: i didnt like the office when i first started watching it. but since my brother kept on telling me how good it was, i gave it a chance and truly found out that it was a very good series from the 3 episode onwards and yeah. there we go. I have loved it eversince. -_- i mean the ONLY reason, i tried introing it to some people is so that i can ACTUALLY find someone with same interest so that when i talk about the office, you would actually KNOW what i'm talking about. pfft.

I read someone's blog that How i met your mother is good. so i watched. it was an OK series. not the best. since the main guy, was quite annoying. i watched 3/4 of the first season only because of Robin and Barney and sometimes, the tall dude. But i never told anyone i found it boring at parts right? thats cause i respected that you like it and wouldnt really like it if i said it was boring.

fuckinghill. i dont think i'm making sense but whatever. what im trying to say is there. and this is my blog and if you decide to get angry at what i'm typing, remember that it is my blog and i am entitled to type whatever i feel like typing. so thank you very much. -.-

ah yes, another annoying this to type. RAIN is having his concert tonight in SINGAPORE at 8.ooPM. i'm super jealous of the people in SINGAPORE now. bleh.

NEWS on his arrival (got girls fainting- haha).

click me for video

AHH. i wish i was there =(

bah. i go first.

Amelia <3

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