Saturday, January 20, 2007

whats the scuttlebutt?

Shim, wah. i wonder if school would allow hair that sweeps the floor =0 hahahaha and, im not starting on how to kill a mocking bird. decided to read something else. AND, HOW ON EARTH DO I RESEMBLE MY BROTHER???(even a little bit?!) Voljin & Jim, what's !confirm? why is shim annoyed by that? Elena, you calling yourself pretty ah? ;) hahahaha Kimposs, you telll me for what? XD haha HI YOU (: Esther, HELLO ESTHER. my tagboard has been kinda sad you haven been tagging XD Ann, Mei Ann? hahahah im not sure :S but still, the website is ALL in CHINESE characters. i cant read/ understand at all lah =( but i see pictures tho :D gah, raiiinn. haha Elic, yo my gay friend =) i'm chatting to you now. so yeahhhh.

Today, i had tuition, got a RAIN poster, made my new school baju kurongs, ate cake, got my fringe cut quite short, ate lots of kueh mor :D and am quite sure put on a few pounds due to the kueh and cake ^^

here with my new rain poster. courtesy of Fcukgel.

The Before fringe.

The after fringe.

I think i look alot younger with the short fringe -_- i know both pictures i look extremely blur. the beofre picture, i just woke up and showered and that after pic, i dunno. i just look blur :D hahahahahahahahahahahaha

damn. iwish i was photogenic -_-

downloading The office, episode 13, season3. I CANT WAIT TO WATCH :D

on the brighter note, i got becky TO FINALLY WATCH THE OFFICE. and i still haven talked to her. so idont know what to think T_T so worried.

Amelia <3

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