Monday, January 15, 2007

i'm loving it (:

yes Becky, Hello. your layout will be done byyyyy wednesday at least ok? :) and thank you for being the first commentor. hahaha Oh, Voljin. How very nice of you to agree with me that the office is awesome. :D heehee Jeremy, You watch the office? :D HOW IS IT? :D hahah and no, i have not seen rain on the cover of the magazine you mentioned :S must go find. haha Hi Sabz, thanks! (: Elena, you mean last time you cannot read clearly?!?!?!?!? zomgz. Jim - why thank you kind sir (: Diana, see yous later (: and YES. JIM IS super adorable while ryan looks durrrrr~ haha and dwight. HAHA. yea i agree. stuff in jello again :P

I WATCHED THE OFFICE LATEST EPISODE LAST NIGHT. so bloody sad. i actually feel sad for dwight. but yeah. he'll be back soon enuf. (he QUIT-ed!!) . actually quite unbelievable. cause he said so," one of my wishes was to die in my work chair here in dunder mifflin -.-" hahah aiyah. i cant wait for the next episode. while JIM is still with KAREN and not with PAM, i'm still very angry about that. JIM & PAM = JAM :D gah.

Daddys going overseas today till thursday hmm. which means, more late night movies for me and my mom :D past movies we've been watching, Koma, Dark Water, Hide and Seek, Racing Stripes and etc :) hahahahahaahahahhaha

Ok. off for breakfast.

Amelia <3

p/s: I actually really really like this layout! and might be using it for a super long time. so dont mind me. i'm telling u guys early! =)

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