Sunday, January 14, 2007

LALALA. new layout =D

Nadia, yes it has. nadia, yes it has. XD hahaha. Abby, wasnt exactly TRL was that MTV live@8 thingy. (: and and, you're just saying that. ahahha XD Elena, =) Voljin, may i ask what on earth is Forked lighting?

I made butter cake with mommy just now. AND IT WAS A SUCCESS!! its super yummy and soft and fluffy and creammmyyyy =) i like my butter cake.

and then we made jelly with pineapple bits ;D hahahahaha. i'm so hungry x_X

HOW IS THE NEW LAYOUT? for once, its actually full screen!!! i have finally figured out how to make full screen!!! and i changed a few things here and there ALL BY MYSELF. i'm extremely proud of myself 0=) heeeheeee. I hope the layout isnt messy and everything. =)

=) tag alrights? about the layout. im betting nobody wud say nice cause none of my taggers enjoy the office =( bleh. oh wells. *fingers crossed!*

Amelia <3

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