Sunday, January 14, 2007

twisting and turning.

hello Abby, hahaha i think i'll look super weird with an i'm ugly tattooo on my face leh XD hahahah. and no, i didnt get to watch rain. =( i wasnt at home until 7. T_T Cally, hahaha you're just saying that =$ haha. Gary, apakan la. -_- Leenuh! omg, haven heard from you in ages. EEYER. so lucky, you caught rain on tv. haha he's cute yes =D Voljin, when i get a tattoo, i shall tell you XD haha Elic, why u scared of voljin. you chicken. lol Jim, Good comeback XD hahaha

i had the weirdest dream last night. i woke up with tears all over my face anyway. T_T SO DEPRESSSSSING!

anyway, i'm chatting to my cousin, renee in KL who is most prolly gonna catch RAIN in concert in KL January 27th -_- i am green with envy. damn. anyway, she said she might be able to help me get something =D so its not all that bad, i guess. =S

Ate at overseas this morning for breakfast. and i cant do the cute layout anymore. causeee. i dont have enuf pictures =( so imma most prolly be doing one on the office ^^ yey. i've found a couple of pictures la. so shud be alright right?

ok........................... i've got nothing else to type.

bye lovers,
Amelia <3

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