Saturday, January 13, 2007

The pieces dont fit anymore.

eeyer. i LOVE, James Morrison - Undiscovered and The pieces dont fit anymore. reallly niceee songs (:

anyway, Carrie - well, its true. but i'm sure it cant be anything TOO bad anyway XD hahahahaha. Voljin, oh skrw you. -_- you always have something to say about the things i like. Nix, yes he is. yesterday and today to be exact. bleh Gary, you kno thats a lie. how can you be super busy ON A HOLIDAY. Jim, hahaha. office =) not all of them act like immature children. Only dwight and michael XD hahahaha

Gah. Today is also, a birthday of a super old friend of mine (since primary one, 11 years ago. and we have been classmates ever since.) NURYUL BABOOONHEAD! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUV (: cyus in tuition laters. haha

Today, i'm using the new Blogger. its kind of the same i guess. i dont see any difference -.- heh.

OMG, IM SO BORING. im sorry.

I did meet up with the cousin yesterday and it ended up with us walking ALL around gadong. -_- looking for a magazine and later because of the head decided to share an over-sweet Ice kacang. =_= ( we wanted waffles but in Jaya dont have T_T)

I want to watch Rain's I'm a cyborg but its okay. Its actually going to come out in cinemas in Spore on the 24 Jan. i hope brunei will show it on the big screeen. its supposedly a comedy- romance. haha where rain is a physcotic dude who thinks he can steal peoples souls and the girl who falls in luv with him thinks she's a cyborg and wont eat. -_- hahahahaha.

alright, i'll go now. i have nothing interesting. damn.

Amelia <3

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