Friday, January 12, 2007

Don't touch that dialllll.

Carrie!!! i dont see you getting all those blackheads or whiteheads or pimples even T_T you have such pretty skinnnnn!! hahahahahha. :P Daphne (: haven seen you around lateely =) dont we all hate those stuff? horrible i tell you XD Jim- is green your favourite colour? hahahahaha i had no idea =x Voljin why you wtf-ing abt? Diana i shall ignore your super sarcastic comment XD haha cyu monday luv. =)

ANYWAY just had dimsum at lucky just now. haven been there in ages! at least 4 years can. ( i'm so old already).

I shall be watching the whole season 2 of the office AGAIN today afternoon ( i did the same thing yesterday :D) and then go home and download season 3's episode 12. i can't wait!!! i love love love the office. and if the cute layout i promised doesnt turn out too cute, i'll do a layout for the office. because i love love love the office. really.

i was talking to becky on the fone last night. and for the whole 28 minutes of the talk, 3/4 was about the office =D the other 1/4 was becky telling me about her dream and that i was a super big bitch in it. haha =)

i lOVE the office. i dont get why nobody in brunei watches it! some even says its boring. but its not if you listen properly and understand the jokes and all =D gah.

the office is brilliant. and they have webisodes on their website? and its super funny!

eeyer. try and watch larrrrr =D i think THe office is the ONLY series that i ever bother watching OVER and OVER again and not get sick of it. (altho i get sick of michael who is a total ass) but that doesnt matter. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha.


oh and i caught girls out loud episode 5 last night on youtube. (yes, its out already:D) and it was super funny! i haven watched the 3rd part yet tho. shortage of time =).

omg, now i love the office and g.o.l. hahaha

i finished reading eragon too. and its a pretty good book. not bad la. altho in the beginning parts eragon was being such a smartass (not a nice way). pfft. but now i wanna get the second book,elsest m going to ask my dad to get me just thathis trip somewhere next week ^^

might be meeting up with the relatives later. we'll see. and the thing on my cheek is HEALING :D kind of lah. i mean. its not dark anymore. hahahah but still can see T_T

and i have such a horrible appetite i wanna kill myself. hahaa. i'm like fat one.

really. i cant fit into anything i have right now. x_X

hahahahah. kidding. =D can fit lah. but its like super tight. i blame it on my best friend (not becky- the thing that visits us girls every month -.-) cause everything my best friend comes near, i have this hugeass appetite. and eat forever.


bah i'm off to catch, jim, pam, dwight, michael, ryan, phyllis, meredith, toby, kelly, angela, kevin, oscar, stanley on the computer now. (they're the names of the characters in the office. and i've highlighted my fav :D and yes i'm aware i highlited all of them :D) hahahahahahahahah

love and all from,

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