Thursday, January 11, 2007

Green with envy

I'm SO envious of the people who will get to see Rain in Spore and Msia. T_T like really. T_T

but yes, replies are: Shim, thats the problem. i dont use make up =/ so really, when you see me you see the scar and YES IT IS THAT BAD :P hahahah T_T... Jim, sure the show has a super ridikulus name but the story is actually very good. haha. i have not missed one episode so far yet =D ooh. and the third eye is super cute can. O.o.O hahahahahaha. Voljin, pimples are for mature people?! hahahaha. paloi.

thats all i'm going to blogging la. im still super pissed at the fact i wont be attending either concerts. ............... so cacat. like once in a lifetime rain comes near me and i dont get to see him...................... i wish he would come to brunei. bleh.

and dont let the tags stop =)

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