Sunday, January 28, 2007

maths T_T

Sarah, yes Lovefool is a super nice song yeah =) haha Shim, thank goodness its all good now. and i hate maths!! do you? hahaha Elic, whos johnny boy? -_- hahah randoom you smelly =) Gary, who the hell is kevin? -.- Sheryl, haha its a good thing right? :D haha Voljin, ok thanks. do small fonts really own? -.- i thought the bigger the better haha. Wendy, yeah. you found it XD Becky, more reason to why you should visit everyday =D and thnks.

Today, i watched War of the Worlds. and it was pretty good i guess. Haven read the book yet so cant really comment XD The movie made me gasp quite alot of times and yeah. ummm.

after the movie, i did my maths homework and am proud to say i'm 80% done. =D im so proud of myself. haha (with help from kimposs& becky yes.)

homg, today is super eventless so i have nothing else to blog about. :S

so i'll leave and be back later or something when i have something to blog about.

Amelia <3

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