Thursday, January 18, 2007

Summer Holiday.

Title of the post is so, because i am very inlove with. Cliff Richard's- Summer Holiday. HIS VOICE SO NICE CAN :D

Lennuh, why would gary feel like killing you? 0.0 haha LINA ROCKS (: Nadeee, you're very much welcome. wanted to give you a message but you never reply messages -.- so frus. ahah hope you have a bomb of a birthday (: Gary, at least you dont call me AME like everyone else does. bleh hahaha Becky, MYSPACE? T_T ahahaha. and and. yeah. =) Jim, haha. thats very nice of you XD Abby, really? you watch the office? :D THANKS =) Elena , i know :D hahah not exactly quality time just some i dunno how to say. lol Yan, hes not in HK anymore liao lor. he's going to spore today :( RAIN IS GOING TO SPORE TODAY!! damn. Voljin, haha. get used to it? is that a good thing? :S

Waiting for my brother to pick my dad up from the airport. He got me two of the books thati wanted! Eldest and Pride& Prejudice. I know. both very old books. but, i realllly want to read pride and prejudice! i watched like the movie half way and it really got me going. very interesting. haha

Ah yes. i was supposed to blog about MYSPACE. you see. Not long ago. Nadia (yesterday's birthday gir) persuaded me to join myspace telling me its loads of fun. SO I DID. and that was two months ago and i'm still here with myspace. with only 4 friends. and only 1 real friend. the other 3, 1 is that tom dude who's everyone friends and one is eduardo from fhfif and one is bryanboy (the blogger). haha. the thing is, i dont know who has myspace and who doesnt. so if you DO have myspace, add me yes?

Myspace is actually more fun than friendster seeing that. 3/4 of the OFFICE'S CAST HAS ACTUAL MYSPACE ACCOUNT. You know in the office, you see them using the computers? and they're not actually working? they're actually
  1. playing solitaire, spider solitaire.
  2. blogging.
  3. working on their myspace a/cs
  4. replying emails and,
  5. surfing the net.
SO COOOL CAN :D ahahaha. i added them all. now i shall have to wait till they approve =D .

THE ONLY DOWNSIDE IS. my favourite, JIM HALPERT ( JOHN KRASINSKI) doesnt have a myspace =(. so sad. everyone else has one. except dwight and michael too. hahahahaha

So enuf about myspace (GO ADD NOW :D) on to the next thing.

My hair is pretty long already =D not as long as last years (before i cut it- 56++cm) but its long =) plus the fact is wavy, if straightened. shud be pretty long. i Lovelove long hair :D so fun. althogets frus when the weather is super hot you can fry egg on the sidewalk. hmm. but i just tie it up then. but yes. long hair= the ultimate thing for girls. i think all girls shud have long hair. not super long like a couple of meters ofcourse. just pass her shoulders. hahaha.

Bah, i shall get going. feeling a little hungry and am going to hunt for things to eat.

Amelia. <3

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