Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Swollen eyes and little things i'd like to say.

Good morning Jim & Voljin (: Jim, your answer to Elic on why my reply was only HAHA was brilliant. hahahahahah XD you rock :D :P Elic, yes, Rain's hair is super sexy yes? :D haahaha. eventho his fringe looks a little wonky :S haha. oh well. oh and you are super bo liao. HAHA "diana, do you wanna reply me?" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Daphne, really? confusing? i have not started. heehee. will start soon, and then we'll see ^^ Becky, Hello.

Ate at chop jing chew this morning. Yummy roti kahwin. yes, i'm super craving for roti kahwin now. :D yey me.

Yes, about my title for today. i WONDER why, when we cry and then sleep, our eyes goes swollen up so badly??? so annoying can. i mean, last night i did abit of crying. (ok fine, i lie. i did ALOT of crying -.-) and then when i woke up this morning. you could not see my double eyelid anymore. its like one piece of thick eyelid. -_- and like reallly thick. -_- so annoying.

so i tried putting ice on my eyes to bring down the swelling. and oh joy, instead of that, it made my eyes RED. -_- i'm so silly sometimes. bleh. right now i'm settling in putting eye drops every 5 minutes cause my eyes feel so tired and heavy =( gah.

my eyes look very disturbing right now. -_- like i did some eye surgery and all the parts of the eyes are swollen up. i look like a weirdy now. hahaha -_-"

Reason i did my crying was cause me and my brother, we did a two hour long conversation. a really deep conversation. and i was super emo. and yeah. =/ it made me think alot and made me feel really bad for some stuff and all.

I thought about it the whole night and that why, i have come up with the solution of less computer and tv (which means less office T_T) and being super less bitchy.

So here i am, apologizing to EVERYONE (which includes, Becky, Gary, Mei, Jim, Diana, Voljin and etc) . I'm sorry i am one super bigass bitch who really, dont know when to keep my mouth shut and i would like to request that the next time i'm being an untolerable bitch, i would like any of you to tell me to stop being a bitch. =) thanks.

Becky shud be painting the school now and Agnes should either be on her way to spore or in the airport or something.


Alrights, will leave now.

Amelia <3

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