Friday, February 16, 2007


For all those who're feeling jealous......... you wouldnt be if you were in my position right now.

2.30 am in Changi airport and i have two more hours before the tour guide comes and we get our bloody tickets.

but its okay lah actually since theres free internet :D

went to chinatown just now at around 12 and stayed till 1++ , ate frog leg porridge and bought some taiwanese sweets.

Reached spore at arnd 11.30 and yeahs.

the flight to spain is at a perfect 6.35am andddddd we're stopping at DOHA's airport for four hours first before going on to madrid (Capital of spain) hahaha

I should be sleeping. but i cant. too excited maybe (: at least it wont be stupid hot there la.

I NEED A BOOKSTORE RIGHT NOW!!! and i cant find one until i get the tickets. gahh!!
its times like this when i wish my brother was on the tour with us. =/ heh haha

Bah, i'll blog later if i find another computer. =)

Much Love from Singapore at the moment @ 2.41AM -.-

Amelia =)

p/s: theres this total hottie here so yars AHAHAHAHAH -.- typical amelia. sorrrrry XD

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