Friday, February 16, 2007

3 am

I thought of getting a telephone card and calling someone (mainly becky) but then i remembered that its only 3 AM and becky should be sound asleep, maybe snoring. damn

I got off the computer for 15 minutes but noone wanted to use it. so here i am, blogging again. haha

so wu liao~ -.- is that correct?

Countdown: 1 more hour to getting the tickets, getting near bookshops and such. yey. (:

I'm in need of easyway altho i'll settle for a coffeebean coffee. hhaaaha.

I brushed my teeth just now and the damn toothpaste wouldnt come out. its hard as rock can. SO KNN. hahahahah i was like banging the tube saying in frustration," come out damnit." hahahahah

And, i just read elena's blog and shes got a new phone (: Congrats luv. See, your dad loves you lah. just sometimes hes a tad rough can? (: haha

AIYAH. so boring -.- but at least the spore airport is way cooler and fun-er than brunei's hahaha. no denying there ok.

OH and dinner on the plane just now was nasi lemak! which was such a bloody coincidence since just yesterday morning, kimberly was complaining bout nasi lemak on the plane which was cold. i guess i was lucky lah. the nasi lemak was the bomb (: and was still warm. ahhh make me hungry again. hahaha. but it was good food =)

I wonder if you guys will read and tag even when im not in brunei. Oh well, i blog cause im bored and i luvv blogging anyway. so who cares. might just take down the tagboard like becky. hmmmm.

and a fact i have not stated (pretty unbelievable)

JULY 21ST 2007. i cant wait eventho ibrahim ass says that RON is gonna die. NOOOO. if ron dies, i'll hold a funeral for him. He's my favourite character! Hagrid being my second XD

I hope ron doesnt die. Harry would be boring without Ron can. -.- gah.

i think harry will die. muahahaha. especially since the movie harry has spoilt it all for us by appearing in a nude movie with horses. HORSES!! he could have anything else. but horses damn. -_- it has now chnge my perspective about horses so sad. i used to love horses. -.-

stupid boy.

Speaking of boys. Some of them super gullible can? there was an instance yesterday which made someone ultra adorable (no name. and voljin, NO NAMES. i mean it) hahahaha. so cute make me wanna fall inlove all over again. ( not love, just that.)

AND I LOVE DIMPLES!!! (girls&boys) hahahahahahaha

very pretty/cute/handsome/adorable/every nice adjective that describes nice you can think of.

Oh, hooray i just checked spain's weather: 10 degrees. YEY :) i like cold cold. even better if it snows snows altho theres very little chances of it snowing la. Hey! a girl can hope ok. :P

wahh. this post is pretty long and it has only been 15 minutes. gahhh. haaahaaaaaaaaaaa.

maybe i'll go walk around the airport randomly. and pray i bang into rain. HAHA.


p/s the title "3am" reminds me of Busteds- 3 am. its a very nice song :) busted was one of the best. (VOLJIN. DONT SAY NO. DONTTT) lol

p/p/s HAHA later all of you have to go to school while i'll be in the plane hopefully watching movies :D hahahahahah aiyah. im not that mean. you all can laugh at me when i come back cause then i would have missed six days of school which means super banyak homework/notes to copy. gah

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