Friday, February 16, 2007

hello from Doha's airport (:

i was mistaken. the flight from singapore to doha was a freaking 8 hours. 8 hours! fuck. I watched the guardian (ashton kutcher FTW) which was a very touching story and a bit of material girl (boo, hillary duff) which i stopped asap cause, the movie was so horrible it became unbearable. -_- and yars. i watched some friends ate sandwiches and stuff. and sleep for half an hour or so.

Anyway, i'm stuck in doha for 4 hours. anddd..... so far its as boring as can be -_- my mom is happy on the other hand, she got a brand new phone. Samsung D830 -_- the red one. and she doesnt seem THAT happy. KNN. people and their wants. heck, i want a new phone and i dont see me getting one. i'd prolly appreciate it. bleh

I will be stuck on the airplane after this for another 5 hours before i reach madrid. -_- gah. the long hours on the plane SUCK ASS.

I wonder if school was fun. at least tomorrow you guys wont be going to school (: ahaha

speaking of which i dont thik i'd be blogging anymore once i reach spain sooooo. I'll see you guys on the 26th on the blog ^^

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR for the 18th. have a brillliant day.


p/s i had to wait an hour before i could use this computer. APPRECIATE MY BLOG.

p/p/s shim, not dubai!! tho i wish it was dubai, shopping can. instead i'm at doha where well. yeah -_- just now, my mom and i had lunch for 24US dollars. -_- gah. one plate of spaghetti, one root beer and one plate of fried prawns with fried. expensive can?

bah. bye loves

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