Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Si, Ola!

FINALLY GOT INTO BLOGGER. HIPHIP HOORAY (: as some of you might have read what i,ve tagged you'd get a main idea of how i am right now.

my lips are awfully chapped and my fingers bloody (Kimposs dont killme!) and my skin all dry and stuff but, i'm still super happy.

the keyboard very difficult to use leh all the symbols in different places.

on the bright side, i can type stuff like this


hahahahaha. i'm so sakai.

I dont wanna go back to brunei!!!! so beautiful lah the place here. altho the language is a bit of a problem. but yes. super beautiful. i cant get enuf of the scenery can.

Barcelona is a wonderful city. (: madrid also. altho i prefer barcelona.

one thing good about spain is that, it is a VERY clean country!

not much asians but oh well. the supermarkets are super big can.


i cant type much now. cause i have so much to say and nt much time to type.

free internet in the hotel. w00h00.

fine, i shall leave now (: everyone HAVE FUN IN SCHOOL. MUAHAHAHAHAHA while im here in this cold cold country with super hottie guys.


i´m so mean hor. no la. i miss rebecca, agnes and all you people also lah. sometimes, abit sad cause noone to talk to right. bleh

bah, i shall go now. BYE LOVERS


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