Wednesday, February 28, 2007

long awaited post (:

So, HELLO (: I came home yesterday. super tired, super jetlagged.

7 hours from Madrid to Doha. 4 hours stopover at doha and an 8 hour flight from doha to spore. In spore, i stayed a night at the hyatt hotel. Had a dinner with my relatives and yeah. shopped around vivocity awhile. bought some shirts and stuff.

Today, went to school and to my horribleness, Mr Kenneth Chin said i look fatter like i packed on a feww kilos. gah! the horror.

and to add to that horribleness, Rebecca and Elena complained that i dont blog anymore and that my freaking blog is getting freaking boring. NOOO~.

However, the trip to spain was a super brilliant one and i have no regrets. I'm back in brunei with New Specs, a Hermes wallet (dont ask how much. i'm a horrible daughter :( ), plenty of new t-shirts and i get to use my mom's new phone :D and stuff. hahaha

I have LOTS of homework to do so, i shall go off now. i'll be back soon tho. ok?

And eric, to answer your question.:
Si means, yes. and
Ola means hello.

I also know how to say a few things in spanish(HAHA):

Servicios - toilet,
Adios -bye,
Agua - Water,
Quanto - how much?
Mucho Gracias - thank you very much.
Salida - exit,
Entrada - entry.

and a couple more but i cant remember what AND, i know how to count 1,2,3,4,5,6,8 . haha. and thats about it that'll help you out in spain :P

a little pictures.

Becky and i (:
Agnes squinting her eyes to make it look smaller HAHA

and a 1% of spain: Toledo. My favourite few (: isnt it wonderful?


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