Thursday, February 1, 2007

you might laugh, you might frown.

For the 31st January 2007

Happy Birthday to My Mom (:

and also Happy Birthday to Rebecca's Mom who was born on the same day and year with my mom. what a coincidence right? haha

Esther, Elic thank you for the wishes. Esther! I wish i was in a new school. you sound like you had much fun! im full of envy. haha (: glad youre enjoying school at least!

So yes, School finally started this rainy morning. and it was alright. I'm monitress again. So i'm pretty happy ^^ lol. Um, yeah. Sitting around me are the usual bunch: Elena, Kimposs, Jim (the newly appointed monitor who has yet to lose his temper and throw a tantrum :D), Alex, nathaniel with the new additions: Shim and Chia Chia.

Collected my BKS today also. so more reasons to be happy. lol

Right now, Elena and I is discussing this one super hottie in our class. Noone new or whatever. He just simply evolved to a much better looking dude again XD hahahahahah and then I'm still staying on the fact that a certain 5CS dude is looking way better also XD rebecca and agnes will wholeheartedly surely agree with me on this guy XD hahahaha

School is looking alright i guess, a little smelly in parts and dusty also but alls good lah.

Bah, i'll end now.

cyas you lovers =)

Amelia <3>

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