Friday, March 2, 2007

And i Could be your favourite girl. forever.

A Church that took 400 years to be built in Zarragoza, Spain

New Glasses by Just Cavalli =D Got it in Madrid (: heeeeheeeeeee ( i hate my nose. :@)

School today was fun. weirdly. First two subjects were held in the BIOLOGY LAB. where thank god, were Aircons :) and i got to sit next to becky. wheeee. and for physics, we watched a powerpoint presentation abt waves and etc. (: very nice.

English was not bad also. teacher was busy with the BGIC thingy so all we had to do was a compre that we didnt even manage to finish. oopps XD

Today, i also managed to finish two episodes of the office. :D I NEED JIM AND PAM TO GET TOGETHER AGEN or i'll go crazy!!! i totally dislike karen. bleh her.

And since got so many good comments abt HEROES, i think i'll buy the dvd and start watching. or start downloading anyway. heeheee

My mom's making kolo mee for my dinner tonight with mushrooms. i CANT wait.i'm starving. had some brilliant Thien Thien laksa in the afternoon. FTW (: hahahahahah

Bah, i'll go. i wanna watch the office deleted scence :D


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