Friday, July 25, 2008

Like a cold summer afternoon..

Movie Blog.

Been watching DVDs everynight now. So far, The Other Boleyn Girl, Becoming Jane, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Made of Honour and Definitely, Maybe.

Got to say I really really enjoyed Definitely, Maybe and Forgetting Sarah Marshall the most :D

FSM was super super funny! Made me laugh out loud SO many times. HAHA and the characters were all so likeable even the ones that we were supposed to hate. Except Kristen Bell. I didn't like her character. She was so... annoying! I loved Peter's Stepbrother. HAHA SO FUNNY OKAY!! my goodness. and the british dude? OH I KNOW WHO ELSE WAS ANNOYING. That fat waiter dude who was also in superbad. I wanna smack him man. So annoying.

The other Boleyn Girl was good as well. Scarlet Johanson was very very pretty! Natalie Portman was as well but she's such a bitch man. Eurgh. The King, Eric Bana if I'm not mistaken.. he's hot. Haha But the story line was good. Very interesting. and touching.

Made of honour made me realised how weird Patrick Dempsey's voice is. Like, very... whats that word. uh. nasal?? I don't know. I just don't like his voice. Very un-manly. Haha! but i loved the girl actress. No, I don't know who she is. but she was nice. Made of Honor was SO-SO only. Didn't like it thatttt much.

Definitely, Maybe was awesome. Ryan Reynolds is SUCH a HOTTIE!! Ohmygad. haha! and Isla Fischer is so pretty! and the second girl? the writer one? ah. gorjus. and the storylines SO touching! I like, tear-ed in a couple of scenes!!!! And laughed as well. its so.. sweet that

Becoming Jane was A-Okay. It wasn't boring. It was quite.. like.. OK lah. James McAvoy and Anne Hathaway. Anne Hathaway is so pretty! Goodness and McAvoy? his eyes? just lovely. the plot was alright. Interesting outcome really..

Oh my gad I suck at movie reviews. OH WELL :D hahahaha. Just a note though incase any one is looking for DVDs to buy, i super recommend FSM (although you see the main character, Peter um. naked a little -_- ) and for girls, Definitely, Maybe is definitely a winner. HAHA (ignore the pun?) yeah.

So yes. Oh my this is such a badly written post. But, I've finished my chores and am waiting for my mom to finish breakfast. And well yeah. I'm SO TIRED.!!!!!!!!!

Okay, Batman laters! Finally. Get to watch what everybody was talking about last week -_-"


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