Friday, July 25, 2008

And tell all the stars above..

So, batman. It was alright. Not awesome. I found some parts to be extremely draggy. And Rachel shouldn't have died! What is this. and the ending was.. meh. Heath Ledger did however, did an amazing job as Joker. He did manage to freak me out. (Seeing as he is a Joker, kinda like a clown. I have a phobia with clowns so yeah. heh heh) But, He was awesome. The way he licks his lips and make that disgusting sound when he is talking. Brilliant! I can't even do that. haha. OOh. Christian Bale was h-h-h-hhhhhhott. He was. and I love Maggie Gyllenhaal! She's So cute. she has such an adorable face. no? haha She was in Stranger than Fiction as well. and STF is a wonderful show.

OH! EDISON CHEN WAS IN THE MOVIE!!!! You know when Lucius goes to HK and he enters the building to meet mr.Lau and the part where he hands in his mobile phone? Edison Chen is hot. :D I don't care if he's like in that horrible scandal and thats why he's quit the entertainment business. IMO he shouldn't have. The news is now old news and the TV world is missing an extremely good-looking young man. Damn.

HOWEVER, the movie is still OK :) watchable. Maybe its cause I expected so much more cause there's tons of people telling me what an awesome movie it is. Hmm.. still think the movie is too long. They shouldn't have shown some parts too long like when he was on the motorcycle and he had to cruise down that long road. No point lah. -.-

I don't think Sho enjoyed the movie much. He was all "meh" after the movie. YES! Sho's back :D Last night to be exact. Still the same of course just way darker. and apparently.. taller. (or so Kalowee says.) After the movie, met up with Kalowee for lunch & ice-cream and then to the arcade for some racing! haha. It was fun. I am SO full. Like, reallly realllllllly full. Damn.


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