Saturday, July 26, 2008

they can say what they like.

ALEX ; but of course. Did you expect anything less from me? :P
ANGEL ; its okay ant. Alex hasn't watched it either ;) HAHA
JIM ; of course it's not over. Well, I hope it isn't. :$
ABBY ; YES!! it was edison!! ^_^ I think only in HK media. But then his contribution to BATMAN was like 2 seconds only :( Not counted leh.
FAUZAY ; if you say so. haha
BECKY ; the king was hot. HAHA! quite disgustingly perverted. But okay. and I am not not fat either so there. :P
QILAH MH ; yes, it is interesting. haha

So today, spent time at Giant with the mother for lunch and groceries shopping :D I like Giant! Its so big, and spacious and my mom&I just love wasting time there walking and checking out every aisle.. (except for the clothes/shoes section cause its pointless -.-) But yes :) Hehe

Also, this afternoon, I have successfully changed my bed covers (including, pillows, bolsters) all by myself! *proud* :) I have 3 pillows and 3 bolsters. I've come to realised with the number of soft toys sharing the bed with me, its no wonder I feel like my bed is too small for me :( haha.

Yeah. I will be back later, most probably. I can foresee that I am heading to a very very bad and boring evening/night. :(


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