Monday, August 18, 2008

Because things aren't always so simple.

TIM ; seriously? I did not type the whole thing. HAHA. I just copied and pasted the entire text after reading. :P
TING ; HI! :) Yeah, that HK series. Its finished now :( haha
CHLOE ; retard :P and I did mention Shah. What is this :( you don't read. HAHA
DIANA ; why? who is this steve guy? and I know, even we don't get ourselves.
ALEX ; okie, its ok. haha
BECKY ; yes we should make a hitlist all the time :D
QYDAH ; BORED you were during WALL.E??? *wink*x10000. HAHHAA
ANGEL ; hi ant. have you downloaded yet. lousy haha
LALALA ; okay, thank you. Although I can't tell if you're mocking me or you're giving my blog a compliment. Either way, thanks. Its more plain than pretty imo.

Countdown to school re-opening: 2 lousy days! How superduper is that?
Countdown to 2 nights (and a hell lots of mosquito bites) in Temburong: 5 days! I need to start getting my things ready.

Anyway, yesterday, went out with a bunch of people: Kalowee, F-f-fauzzay, Adib, Qidah & Isa, Adam for Dimsum and Wall.E. Wall.e is SO CUTE. A little slow and boring at times but all in all super duper cute loh. Very heartwarming :) will make you go 'awww~' Haha. :D I know it made Kalowee do that 38973985734 times. :P

Ate plentiful as well! :D A variety of Dim Sums, 2 peanut butter crepe (all by myself) and Nasi lemak! And tons of yoghurt. Haha. I don't think I'd be touching peanut butter for a while. Two crepes filled with peanut butter and condensed milk is... enough for a while. It'll keep me off my awful habit of eating peanut butter out of the jar. -_-

I AM I AM I AM going to do some stuff today :D like, try and um, start some things that should have been started a while a go.

OH. I'm rereading Harry Potter & the half blood prince (6th book) since the movie is coming out end of this year. Yes yes yes? :D And *shamefaced* I have not touched my Harry Potter books in a while. I feel kinda bad. So, I'm reading them again. So when the movie comes out, I would know how different the movie will be from the books. (Plus, books are still always better.) I love Rupert Grint though! And Ron Weasley is one of my favourite characters in the book ^_^ hehehe.

I think I might enlarge the text size on my blog a little. I have a feeling I'm straining my eyes a little by reading. Its so tiny right :( And my eyes are so damn bad now I have to wear glasses everywhere :0 (but I'm so lazy! to use glasses / contacts. Eurgh)

Yeah yeah yeah. I'll have pictures later. I've been looking extra horrible in the recent pictures. I have a feeling its my hair. :( hahahaha oh well.

OH OH. DIDCHU KNOW UGLIFY IS A WORD?! Or so, I think it is. Cause my MSN has spell check right and when I typed Uglify, its not underlined in red! But here on blogger, its underlined in red :S What is this. Horrible. Make me confused.

I have SO MANY dvds I need to buy!! But I will not have time to watch. I will make a list of movies I need to watch so if I lose my list, i shall not fret. ^_^ *smart thinking. wtf*

Yah. OH I had OK comments about my hair! :D Adam says I look like a completely different person from a far and when he first saw me, he gawked at my hair and then touched it like it was some kind of alien. WTF. HAHA. Adib (as well as Angel and my Piano teacher) thinks I am sporting a Cleopatra look. BUT HEY, I LIKE MY HAIR! :D its so swishy and smooth! :D hahahaha and LIGHT! and time taken to dry my hair: less than an hour. TIme taken to dry my old hair: 4 - 5 hours. So, yay to um. shorter hair-drying time :D hahahaha I agree its a little TOO flat. but time will come and the flat-ness will de-flat it self. :)

Which reminds me of a conversation I had with my Ant last night.

(the Ant hate maxi dresses)
ANT: Well, you are now DE-INVITED.


Speaking of ANTS, not that it has anything to do with this. Today, I finally ate to satisfy my craving for curry powder, with Singapore Fried Meehoon :D and a whole bowl of ABC with extra corn :D HEHE. ALSO 3 peanut butter and kaya bread. OH SO GOOD. Tomorrow, Roti Telur with Bawang and more nasi lemak for breakfast. I'm thinking a whole bunch of sushi for lunch. Then Wednesday starts mission starvation (With breakfast and small dinner. HAHA) so exciting. I CANNOT WAIT FOR BREAKFAST TOMORROW :D SO EXCITING.


Yes yes, i will get rid of these wordy posts. SOON SOON SOOOOOOON pictureees :D I know how boring it is to only see block and block and blocks of text. Thousand and 2 apologies :)

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