Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And how you suffered for your sanity.

ELENA ; haha. No lah, its not that much of a difference really! :P I'll send you something online :D haha
JIM ; yeah, you read correct. I am excited about breakfast :D
NAT ; well, you thought wrong :P
READER ; um, okay, thanks? I really don't know if that's sarcasm. But if its not, thank you.
ALEX ; -_-"
ERIC ; Hi smelly! :) I am stuffing myself silly with food, so you really have no reason to feel fat around me :( I make everyone else look skinny. HAHA Which reminds me, Physics is a pain in the ass that is why I did not take it up after form 5 :D Its basically difficult maths with words. A lot of words :(

MORNING! :) Internet seems fast this morning. Usually, the internet never works in the morning, for me at least.

ANYWAY, in about an hour, I'd be out having one of the best breakfast eva (okay, exaggerating here :P) Okay, best breakfast of the month. Cause I've been having really plain breakfasts-es. To be honest, I just downed down two peanut butter&kaya sandwiches. But that doesn't matter now, cause I'm going to have lots and lots of roti! I have not had Roti (Prata/Canai that is. not plain bread lah) for about 2 years!!!!! Cause its one of my restricted food (as well as peanut butter&kaya and rice and fried sotong and sugar and white bread and mayonnaise and 1378628762479 other food items). BUT I SHAN'T CARE THIS MORNING. Bring on the ROTI TELUR WITH BAWANG (translated: Prata with egg and onions) with CURRY! :D mmm.. Shit man. I can't wait :D :D hehehehe.

SPEAKING OF fried sotongs. MY MOM is gonna make me a whole plate of fried sotongs (squid) for dinner! I especially love fried sotong in bread crumbs. OH SO YUMMY! Gimme me a whole plate and I'd finish it up for you in a second (or 5 seconds. hahaha) I absolutely love it.

MOVING ON. Last night, after weeks of laying it down cause it doesn't look so exciting.. I finally watch The Prestige, recommended by my brother like weeks ago. Only reason I bothered to watch it last night was due to Christian Bale. But after watching, the damn movie made me quite speechless. Its an amazing story with a very interesting turnout! Like, you wouldn't have thought it would come out like that. Cause halfway through the movie, I was like guessing what was gonna happen. And, unless I'm the lauyah guesser, all my guesses turned out wrong! Just.. just.. Watch The Prestige okay? :) Its a good movie. Very unexpected.

Yes, that's about it from me this morning.



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