Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Suppressed by all my childish fears.


Diana and I and the most awesome Nachos eva :D
And guess who decided to skype with me :D

Its been a long since I've heard/seen you laugh like that.
(omygad. I sound so lesbo-ish.)


I know this will sound absolutely absurd. But I wish I was doing my O's right now. I wish, I was getting ready for my Mocks for the O level!!!!!

It was so easy back then. Not studying and still managed to get above average for all the subjects. Like, exam tomorrow, tonight reading through whatever notes I have and still managed more than a credit for the paper. T_T

You guys doing your mocks, be thankful you're having fun with your o'level. APPRECIATE YOUR TIME. I'm serious zzzz. Compared to what I have to do now, O's seemed like a breeze. :(

WHY can't we turn back time!!!!!!!!!!



p/s Now when people ask me whats my favourite food. I know mine is either:

a) Penang Wanton Mee
b) Penang Muah Chee
c) Fried Sotong with Breadcrumb.

and possibly Peanut butter. but that's not really a food. Its much more of a accompaniment. Right? hmm.

p/p/s ALSO had the most awesomenest peanut um, pancake thingy at Yayasan Hua Ho? You know that circular thingy, with stuff in between? Yeah. IT WAS CRISPY AROUND THE EDGES. *mmmmmmmmmm

p/p/p/s I love peanuts. ^_^

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