Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You could be anywhere you wanted,

DREW; hey! Why you sound so angry. Haha and I've linked you! :) I'm fine though, very fine.
ALEX ; yeah, I know right. I wish the cycle wasn't a cycle.
ANGEL ; WHAT! HOW can you not like poa. Its the fun-nest subject okay. And yes, Angel the awesome ant took the picture of me, diana and nachos. How am I like TFP? I wouldn't mind. haha
RYL ; YAH! Actually, HP supposed to be out end of the year then they decided to move it to July 2009. Wtf man :(
READER ; okay then.. thanks (:
QYDAH ; I know right. O'levels like easy stuff man. Beginner stuff. HAHA wtf
BECKY ; I told you to pose for the pictures! Well, kinda. HEHE and and I KNOW I Will never forget our last trip for the best waffles ever. Remember? Before Malay orals? Hahah! :P and like, just the two of us on the boat to Kg Ayer. It was fun. Fun fun times :)


Temburong tomorrow. How ... sexy. T_T


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