Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Delayed Devotion

ANGEL ; i know we do. It was mid-oct right? Like I said, in the moment! hehe. sorry ant :( I'll make it up to you somehow on friday ;) with brownies, maybe :D
ADAM ; its quite bayed. HAHA
ALEX ; no, kong didn't say he hate my face. He doesn't like my smile apparently :( hahahah
QIDAH ; yes, i know you said that :P Everyone said that. But I guess I needed a change. Yay :) Okay, we have to jalan before school reopens ok. T_T
ELENA ; haha! :) you'll see it soon soon
ERIC ; whenever you want smelly. You lah. Exams sja. :(
MANDA ; its like, got adrenaline rush through you and then u tell the lady to cut even shorter. haha.

Duffy - Delayed Devotion. This song is gooood :D haha, very catchy. I like Duffy's voice! Its so.. nice. and she's so adorable! Like a chubbier version of Sienna Miller.

Had like a bunch of peanut-butter sandwiches for breakfast along with my usual bowl of cereal. I'm so full! And a glass of milk! I am thinking of yogurt now. But.. I'm so full.

Been spending TONS of time watching HongKong TVB series. Right now watching : War of the In-Laws 2. I absolutely dislike Myolie Wu. Bosco's alright. Adorable at times. haha. But Myolie! Her voice is so.. high pitched. and Her face! oh my gad. Oh well. Its a pretty OK series. Managed to make me l-o-l. :P I'm improving on my cantonese that, while watching ;)

I was so pleased yesterday :P Scott thought me how to send animated emoticons using the cell! I was so freaking sakai. And my brother brought me to the arcade at Seri to uh.. unwind. Haha! He wasted so much money trying to get me one of the keychains from those machines where you pop in a token and try to get an item? Yeah. There's this reeeeeally cute pillow guy phone charm! Haha. After gadknows how many tokens, he gave up :(

As I was expecting it, my daddy doesn't like my hair. Haha! he claims it makes me look like a siao cha boh. (Crazy lady) Actually, my dad says that everytime I have a haircut. -_- Oh well.

Someone's birthday's tomorrow! :)

Will blog later, I assume.


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