Monday, August 11, 2008

In remembrance..

Of my long faithful curly hair :)

This is a very very vain post :D You shall not read further if my face pisses you off. HEHE

Yah, I'm aware some pictures my hair looks like, wet. CAUSE it was wet then. Just got out of the shower :P

So as I was saying.. was in the saloon for 4 hours today :) I love having people do my hair. At one point, I had 4 ladies doing my hair for me. :D haha! So after a tiresome (not for me, my butt.) 4 hours, and about 3/4 of my hair gone...

Yeap :D It was really nerve wrecking cause I've never had short hair in my entire life.Once, I cut my hair like short-sleeve length, my dad wasn't very happy with it so I've had like longish hair all my life :)

But, this time. This is new. Its the shortest ever and I'm thinking I might want to try even shorter again :D

I think I look a little odd. (okay, very very odd) but at least I tried it. Now I won't have to be all like, "what if......" if you get what I mean. Plus hair grows. right. :P

ANGEL ; you're welcome :D haha and what smilies?!
TIM ; Agreed! :)
DENISE ; ah, smart :D haha Yeah, will put proper pictures up a.s.a.p :)
CHLOE ; um... i have to tell you something. for sure you will *&@!#(* me one.
MANDA ; will do :)
ALEX ; hi


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