Sunday, August 31, 2008

I say, Bring on those eyecandies!

Hello! No, I've not disappeared off the face of the blogworld, thanks to those who asked on MSN.:P I have however, been suffocating under my consequences of not finishing my holiday homework! :D But hey :) I survived my first week back at school without any.. run-ins with the teachers. :D So, at this point, all is good. :D

Temporary maid's gone back. So hello to waking up early and helping out with the chores on Saturdays and Sundays. And making up my bed every morning. Eurgh. I hate that part especially. -_-

This is going to be brief. I'm having my second bowl of cereal for breakfast. I'm so hungry T_T

Going out later! for lunch and a movie :) So exciting, have not seen them in ages. Well, technically, Ive not talked to them in ages. Haha!


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