Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Then our eyes cry and our souls sigh.

God blessed us today at school with the presence of a very special girl who is going to be missed by all of us.

Sandra came back to school today! For the very last time.

Oh Sandra, sandra, sandra. Where do I start? I've only known for for 10 months, and I've grown accustomed to having your perkyness all around :) Its really sad that you won't be joining us in the ever difficult battle of the IB and that we won't be seeing you ever again. I was really looking forward to the trip to Singapore with you, you know. All those shopping plans and whatnots. Its been great getting to know you :) You've been a wonderful friend, and we've found so much in common with each other! it was interesting. I'd never forget our weird conversations which included talking utter nonsense and our imaginations flying wild. You've been a great listener as well.

Take extreme good care of yourself okay? We love you and we are all gonna miss you! We must keep in touch alright? :)

Found this somewhere. I think its from a movie. I'm not sure. But I do love the last line :) Its so.. correct.

He said, " I didn't mean to break your heart."
But, before he could finish, she replied,
"I didn't mean to fall in love either, but we all make mistakes."

Yeah, thats it from me. I'm exhausted. Overslept this morning. Overate too! Peanuts and chapatti. With hell lots of curry. Darn. I knew I shouldn't have succumbed to food after school. T_T


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