Friday, August 15, 2008

For everything that we had.

If you follow the wrong star,
my love will get you home..
If you wander off too far,
My love will get you home.

If you ever find yourself, lost and all alone..
get back on your feet and think of me,
my love will get you home.

Boy, my love will get you home.

Yes, thats the main song for Xiong Choi Sam and Alfred in the 9.30pm TVB series on WahLaiToi. The shows brilliant. Tonights the last episode. and Its complicated!! But the last 15 minutes of last nights episode turned me into an emotional whale :( I was crying! Its so heartbreaking!!! Tonights, gonna be sad as well. Eurgh.

Its a really good series y'know. The characters make me and my mom so angry! like, we bitch about the characters. haha! :P But yeah, its a good series. Has succeeded in making me cry a couple of times.

QIDAH ; welcome back! :) Jalan soon soon. Hehee
ANGEL ; I'm glad you don't think I look like a whore on ebay. Which reminds me to remind you don't forget to check that out!! HAHA
JIM ; yeap :D I can't wait to see you all!!
ERIC ; aww, thank you smelly. Of course you're just saying that. hehe *blush* We will go out soon okay. After your damned exams and after I start school. Haha
ALEX ; I agree :)
DIANA ; I agree. Hahaha. See yous wednesday!

Anyhoo, trip out with the Angel and the Diana was awesome! :D Sure they didn't have our brownies, but the pancakes were just as awesome :D and our pastas and rice and popcorn chicken. ALL SO YUMMY! :D Ate enough for 4 people yaw. haha! And then, mario kart-ing (in which I beat angel's ass 3 times :D and diana's once because she only join us for one game) and the drum game thingy and then DDR! It was my first time DDR-ing. It was quite the experience. Haha. We should be doing that again right? Actually, this is the first time I've been out with friends and all we did were stay in the arcade laughing, talking as loud as we could and playing games! heck. we even tried out those fighting games. Angel was invincible till the last round. HAHA.

No pictures :( Angel has plenty though. I don't think she's gonna put em up that quick. Knowing angel ;) HAHA Watched a movie before lunch. It was okay. There was only (including us) 5 people in the cinema. We were the noisiest. HEHE.


Angel: "Don't take away my sauce!"

HAHAHAHAHAHAAH oh my gad. I bet the waiter thought we were retards :P

All in all, today was an awesome day. Did some impulse shopping as well. So that's always a plus. right? :( HAHAHA. Angel hates me for impulse shopping. And diana baked brownies for us. Very chocolatey. :D Chocolate goodness really :) hehe.

Tomorrow, probably doing some mother-daughter bonding time over a movie :D hehe. And sunday! outing with a whole bunch of people. That's something to look forward too. Hehe.
Monday... was thinking of doing some community service.. but I'm not sure bout that. Tuesday.. nothing yet. and Wednesday, School :( Damn. Thursday, School.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Temburong. Hooray T_T HAHA.

YAH. thats it. :)


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