Thursday, August 14, 2008

Take back the promises you made.

TIM ; haha, thank you :)
GUEST007 ; nahh, i didn't mention that I think I look pretty with curls :) and of course, ones entitled to their own opinions right. Also, i had no idea whores were one on the items sold on ebay. Surprising. Thanks for informing me. Now I know.
DIANA ; tomorrow, tomorrow, I'll see you tomorrow! :)
ESTHER ; rawr :D haha
MANDA ; even better! I wish my mom would cut my hair for me. So much easier??
JEN ; i'm sorry baby, couldn't make it yesterday.
BECKY ; soon love :)
CARMEN ; I know right! Bosco's so ... likeable! haha.
ALEX ; tell him yourself! :P
ELENA ; yeap! :D not on youtube though, i bought the DVDs.

For the 13th,

You know we lovvvve you!
Have a greeeeat 17th!!


Just came back from Shahbandar! After a much much muchh needed 'work-out' haha! :) Went with Kalowee, Shim, A-man and Jacob. Well, technically, I was walking with Shim and Kalowee. The other two was too fast for us :( But we finished the whole set anyway in like, an hour and 50 minutes :D which is quite a feat cause, I have not been to Shahbandar in 2/3 weeks! :D Haha

Lots of story-telling, so time passed quite quickly. Thank goodness. Kalowee didn't do too well, but she managed to finish the whole course, and therefore I am proud of her :D

Been eating like. gluttons, so meh. Unhealthy living is my profession. As well as procrastination. But oh well. Going out with the Angel and the Diana. Going for movies, dancing and food! Not forgetting hours and hours of laughing :D hehe. I'm so excited! Have not seen Angel in like... 3 weeks.

What I would do for Muah Chee from Penang. I'm absolutely craving for it. So bad. :(

OH. GOT a temporary maid! So I don't have to wake up at 6 now to mop and clean the house! Thank goodness. But she's only staying for two weeks :( So, I might have to like, go back to the usual timetable after she leaves cause the agency is still failing in locating a maid for us. Woe is me. I do not like housework. I'm okay with showering the dogs, but I am frustrated at moping and changing my own bed-sheets! Or, folding my blankets up in the morning. So.. annoying :(

Yeah, will end now.

People people, listen to Bryan Adams - When you're gone. I know its an old song. But its such a nice song :) haha


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