Friday, August 8, 2008

Just because, the people in the crowd is watching us.

But we don't give a damn to what they say.

Well, technically, I'm not giving a damn to what you guys are saying, or telling me to do. No, not in a bad way. I appreciate all those advice given to me, and I really have you guys to thanks for helping me through those really stupid, yet-depressing times. And I apologize cause its been happening so much lately.. Like Chloe says, yes, it has been a hell of a holiday. And, I don't mean that in a good-exciting way even. And I'm sorry for not listening and doing what I'm supposed to be doing. Call me chicken-hearted. I lack in the courage department. So yes. I'll just have to tahan with whats going to happen.

Why do people blog? Half of the content that we want to blog always have to be screened through our mind before we post. So that we don't leak out things that we don't want the public to know. Especially when things aren't going as plan. I know I do. I would want to post everything, everything that I've been going through this month, and last. But, I think about the people who might stumble onto this site, especially people I don't like. Or people who finds happiness in my sadness (?) and I stop and blog about other things. I mean, probably, the main reason for blogging is to get peoples opinions right? and to hear different light from all sorts of sources. Well, thats my perspective of blogging. But, I suppose some things are better left unknown right? (contradictory, me?! Yes. haha)

Contary to what you readers believe, or contary to what I want you guys to believe. (that my life is wonderful, i am having no problem. blahblahblah) No, I'm not having a wonderful life right now. I wish I was, that way everyone would be spared from my emo-ness. But, reality always kicks in (Qidah's blog address! haha). Everythings really really really (I really need to emphasis on this word) screwed up. And, I don't know where to begin to fix it. Hell, I don't even think its fix-able. But, because I'm not gonna bother following people's advice.. I suppose I'd just have to bear the consequences.

And what is this, my horoscopes tell me I'm in for a wonderful month for august. Pfft.

I love breakfast. A bowl of Cereal topped with lots and lots of raisins(till you can't see the cereal anymore), and filled to the brim with milk. And a dash of honey! Always hits the spot. And a cup of yogurt afterwards.. Mmmm..

Oh, Olympics start today. and 08/08/08. Supposed to be some sort of auspicious day right? It seems like 283786483764 people are getting married today. Cause its all 8's which basically mean luck luck luck in Cantonese. I could use some luck in my life right now.

Actually, its stupid right. So what if you get married on the 8th of August 2008? I mean, with the rate of divorces moving right now, half of them are probably gonna get a divorce in a like 10 years, or less even. Pfft. Whats the deal about proper dates to get married/have a baby/die? I really, do not see the point in choosing the right date.


p/s I will get to the post about shameless advertising Angel ;)

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