Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Singing my life with his words.

ESTHER ; yeap :) its a good song.
NAJ ; miss you? hell yeah. Haven't seen you in like a month +++ man. what is this.
JIM ; of course you can be missed ;) and here we go, the update you need to read. and I'll correct the mistake soon enough.
CHLOE ; you're the best! :)
NAT ; Hi nathaniel! :)
FAUZAY ; yeap! the scientist. Cause its a wonderful song with brilliant lyrics.
DAPH ; Hi! I've not heard the version by Matt Corby. :P So I can't say anything. Maybe I'll download and give it a listen. haha
ADAM ; will listen to uh.. strawberry swing soon enough :P
ERIC ; fat stuffs here :D haha
BECKY ; of course you miss me :) who else would call you and talk complete nonsense for a couple of hours.
RYL ; am updating now :)
ABBY ; she's alright! Surprisingly. Her voice's not badd.

Thousand and one apologies for not have updates for like a week, I know some people *cough* Chloe *cough* check my blog regularly for updates and then gets disappointed when there's nothing new up ;) HAHA.

*this is going to be a long one :) Just gonna jot everything down for my own remembrance, you don't have to read really. Quite pointless cause you won't know whose who. hehe*

Anyway, I was away cause 29th July till 1st August, I was in Penang for my grand-uncle's funeral. Cause of his pass-away, liver cancer. It was a really unfortunate event cause he was first given 6 months to live. Goes for an operation, gets infected and suddenly within 2 weeks of notification, he suddenly only had 10 days to live. He passed away at 2.00AM on 29th.

It was really sudden. So, my mom found out at like, 10 in the morning. And suddenly by 1pm we were in the car on the way to Miri for a 4pm flight to KL where we will be sitting on a connecting flight to Penang. Reach Penang at like 9pm -ish.

So, we only had like an hour to pack. My mom was freaking her ass off. Due to the rush, she forgot half of her cosmetics/skin care range. And so, we spent an hour+ in the KL airport, domestic terminal shopping for eye cream, sun block, foundation and concealer. Not that I was complaining :) Got myself a juicy tube.

Reach Penang and went over to the funeral place. It was depressing. My mom was crying and everyone was crying. and well, I wasn't very close to the uncle, so I couldn't bring myself to cry much. It was sad though.

The next couple of days were spent, eating, shopping, mourning, and the whole funeral ceremony all together. Slept over at Aunty Lina's place for two nights. First night was awesome cause ALL of my mom's aunties and cousins (ladies) from all over malaysia slept over at the same place. So for a night, 11 grown women and 1 teenager (me) and 1 super duper cute puppy slept in the same apartment. It was so fun! There are only 3 rooms mind you. So in one room, all the older aunties were in there (coincidentally, all three were sisters :P) and in another, were the ones who didn't want the air-conditioner to be switched on while they sleep. and the final room (master bedroom) were me, my mom, aunty Shirley and aunty Janet and aunty Lina. :) It was so fun! Slept at like 3, talking and laughing, listening to stories. It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity seeing 3 generations of women all sitting down together in a living room, talking about everything! I mean, we had to go and come all in 3 cars! haha. It was awesome.

Its rather sad once you think about it, cause.. we seldom go back to Malaysia. I mean, before this trip back, I have not been in Malaysia for 3-4 years! Like Scott said (a cousin), " You only come back when there are funerals -_-" Which unfortunately, is rather true. I really only do go back to the hometown when a funeral happens.

But, its these funerals that bring everyone together. For example, my mom met up with cousins she's not seen for the past 10/20 years! It was all so emotional. My mom was so happy! To be able to sit down and talk with all her relatives, family.. I was happy as well :) at least I got to see all my mom's cousins/family :) It was good.

Food was as per usual, awesome. I mean, its Penang! Come on. Who are you kidding. Everyday of my stay, I had 4 bowls of their absolutely delicious Wantan Mee. I kid you not. 4 bowls. One for breakfast, one for lunch, one for dinner and one for supper. Yes, supper :) For all three nights, I ate at like 11pm, 12pm.. -_- And, in between I had all sorts of snacks, Muah Chee (oh my gad. This is orgasmic. Its the bomb okay. !!! If I could tapao-ed it back, i would have tapao-ed like 200 boxes T_T) , apom (both kinds, the chinese one with bananas and corn and the indian one with egg), aunty annie's pretzels! (cinnamon sugar. Oh so yummy) and like random random other things! :) My mom went absolutely crazy on the last day and tapao-ed 4 boxes of fried kway teow, 10 packets of chee cheong fun (not like HK's or the ones you find here. In Penang, they eat their Chee Cheong Fun with chilli and prawn paste and sesame seeds. Its quite an acquired taste. Like Asam Laksa! If you're not used to it, you won't like it. I have mine without Chilli :) but my mom doesn't like it without chilli), 8 packets of otak-otak (fish parcels) and some chinese pancakes for me (peanut and sugar filling. OH MY GAD) and some other stuff which I can't remember -_- I absolutely adore Penang's Hawker Scene. Nobody can beat that man. Its the best! Crowded little food centres filled with wonderful scrumptious unhealthy food :D haha

So yes, I packed on a little weight in Penang. its like, I let everything loose. I ate everything, finished everything.. :) it was good.

Aunty Lina, the aunty I stayed two nights with. (one night was spent in a hotel) has a super duper really oh-my-gad cute 8 year old Shih Tzu called Zen Zen. She is SO ADORABLE!!! Aunty Lina brought her everywhere! Even to the funeral place (not on the real day though) and to all the hawker centres. Here's some pictures :)

Do excuse my really tiny eyes. Lack of sleep for 3 nights straight, not the best thing :P

ZenZen weights a heft 8kilos! Isn't she just adorable?!

My mom fell inlove :P
I love this picture!

The only way she sleeps with all her paws out. :P

sleepy face!

This is her mountain of toys.
Heck! I think she's got more soft toys than me.
And this isn't all of them. She has more on the other side of the room.

unfortunately, Pikachu lost his eyes and mouth and nose..
And she's realllly really smart! Like, she understands. And, she's like a baby!! and everyday, my aunty will tie different hairstyle's for her. haha! Just tell her, you wanna make her look "pretty-pretty" and she'd stay down for you to do her hair. Ahh. *loveeee*

Shopping was rather.. productive as well. Got a couple of tee-shirts, and pants :) As well as new collars for Melody and Daisy. Wanted to get a cheongsam. But it was so expensive, better not. Things are gettting more and more pricey. There were a couple of other shirts, which I wanted to get.. but they were so.. expensive! I couldn't bring myself to ask my mom to buy them for me. (yes, what the hell is wrong with me right, since when did I practice being so money-saving suddenly. Yes, I am also surprised with myself. and the weird thing is, I do not regret not buying those items! =0) On the way back to brunei (well, Miri to be exact) my mom got me Anna Sui's Dolly Girl cause I've been wanting it for a while now :) so really, shopping on this trip was productive! :)

Also, I have not been back to penang for like 4 years, and now, Penang's so pretty! So many new buildings and malls.

OH. One of the afternoons, we didn't sit at the funeral place, cause it was really humid and there really wasn't much point in sitting there. Before shopping, my mom and I tried out the fish spa! Y'know, the one where you lower your feet into water filled with hungry-for-dead-skin fishes? Yeah. That one :) RM44 for two. It was quite the experience. So ticklish! and after a while you just feel like little electric shocks running through you. First 5 minutes, my mom and I were sitting down giggling like idiots cause it was so ticklish. hehe.

On the verge of being gobbled up..

I apologize for the lack of pictures, I didn't make much use of my phone cause I wasn't using my SE K810i, I was using my Motorola V3 and you all know how much that phone camera sucks. I only took out my SE for some pictures. I ultimately forgot to snap pictures with Scott! Damn, I didn't even say proper goodbyes because I didn't know that I wasn't gonna meet up with him after that. -_- Scott was the only person my age at the funeral who I was close with. And he's really pissy that I come back to Malaysia only for funerals. And he seems to think brunei's some kind of Big kampung. Haha! He was here in 2003? for the forbissea. and yeah. Every other cousin whom I'm rather close with didn't come! They all had school! Only Scott could make it (and Ross, his brother. But he was sick so we didn't talk much) cause he lives in Penang. -_- Oh well. Some other time. *makes mental note to go back to Malaysia more often. hehe*

Oh my goodness. I Like, miss Penang now. Everyone. I feel like, I've somewhat bonded much more with my mom! :) Which is a good thing really. God knows, my mom needed time off since like, forever. Now, when she tells me stories of her childhood, I now know who she's talking about :) So it makes things more funnier/fun to listen to. Hehe

Mommy Dearest.
AND one awesome thing in Penang, everybody speaks Hokkien! My hokkiens like improved slightly! I mean, people actually understand what I'm trying to get across. *beams with pride* And its so cool. Everyone, whether you're chinese or indian or malay.. speaks hokkien. Salesman/woman/girl/boy, hawker woman/man, EVERYONE LAH! haha. Its so cool :P

19XX - 2008.
(He's about 70+, Less than 75 years old at the time he passes away..)
May you rest in peace, at least you aren't suffering anymore.
( it was really sad listening to the way he passed away. He was a fighter, I heard :) and he kept on fighting even though the doctor was certain he was gonna pass away on a Monday. But he fought, but succumbed to his death on Tuesday..)

-----x------ End of the Penang entry.

So like, in my previous post I said, I wouldn't be blogging much cause I've been thinking about life, collecting my emotions and stuff right? Well, I've been in a pretty rough state. Problems keep on arising. And hopefully, they've all past.. I'm not sure yet honestly. But yes, I'm back :) I'll stop being all emo, will try to anyway.

So, I came back on Friday, late. I was so freaking tired! Spend Saturday cleaning up the house with my mom. Since it was only my brother and my daddy in the house for like 4 days. Not the best -_- But they did they're part. They didn't let the dirty dishes collect themselves! Haha. My mom was actually pretty scared that the whole house would be a complete disaster. :P

Daisy and Melody reportedly didn't want to eat/refused dinner when we weren't in. Daisy was definitely looking much skinner. So yeah. They had a good nights dinner and more :P haha!

Made Banana jam on sunday but being "healthy" I cut out sugar completely, which left the jam being pretty sour. So, it wasn't that good. But oh well :P Now I know, I would need sugar for jam.

Went out on Monday with Kalowee for some catch up session. Watched Journey to the center of the earth/universe? (I'm not sure) And it was an alright movie. So very very very very very predictable. After which we had lunch @ Cheezbox. Both of us had curry meals. Dessert was Brownies with Ice-cream. Oh my gad. those brownies were perfection. Warm brownies melted the vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream. and In the mouth, you could feel the warmth of the brownies, mixed with the coldness of the ice-cream. So very ying and yang ish. it was good :)

Also, bought a whole bunch on DVDs. And to date, I've watched.. My Blueberry nights, Baby Mama, Blades of Glory and Shallow Hal. To watch: Shakespeare in Love, Cassanova, Paranoid Park, Drillbit Taylor and I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry. Baby Mama was reallly really good. Made me laugh out loud. Plus, I absolutely love Tina Fey! She's SO adorable.

I am also going to stop procrastinating soon enough. School reopens in like 2 weeks!( Thanks for the heads up Kong.) And I'm not done with ANYTHING. I'm so screwed. Gah.

Also, reaaaaallly need to make a trip down to Shahbandar soon for some work-out/sweating session. I'm So freaking unhealthy. I'm finishing plain bread by the loafs every day! Like, minimum 8 pieces of bread every single day! I love bread. Damn.

Sho was missing the whole week as well, cause he was in Malaysia as well for some Tennis thingy :) He's back now. Sick, but at least he's back.

Mmm. this entry's a little long. I'm actually typing this out first cause the internet's really shitty at the moment and is not loading any pages for me at all. MSN's screwed up as well. Half of my messages can't be sent out. I'm so annoyed!

and, If you managed to read every single word in this entry, I salute you. :) and Thanks :)

I shoud be updating regularly again. I've missed blogging :) Oh, and the new layout! Something plain and simple. Exactly what I'm craving for.


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