Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cause all we really needed was another day.

CHRISsy, HAHA its alright, you're SO not a girl, so its fine. Right? 0.0 I'll stop. You know I love you (like a sister) HAHAHAHA. JIM, gotta stop you there. The performance is for 2 whole hours. W0000t. ADAM, you should've been there. ALEX, um, yeah okay. haha NATHANIEL, Well, its not part of IB but our teacher wants us to experience a live orchestra which will apparently be able to help us with our exam :)

I am horrible. I just bought another shirt online. Paypal makes everything so much easier! I don't even know how much I have left in my card. This is bad. I was supposed to be saving up for Singapore!! Eurgh.

Anyway, had a delightful after-school um, bonding session with Kalowee with 4 paus and tea. And pineapples and whatever she was eating after. :) It was good. Talked so much shit man. Haha. Then, Shahbandar! With Kenken. It was short today. We did mostly talking cause it looked like it was gonna rain, so we like.. took a shortcut. heh heh heh. Mainly cause we were feeling lazy.

School's been going pretty well. Well, so far lah :)

Mygod. As I am typing this. I am adding things to my online cart. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. Must. Practice. Self. *whats that word* ... Control. Must. Stop. Buying. Things. Online. Must. Stop.

Okay. I think it would be wiser for me to just close all the online shopping windows. Eurgh.

PAYPAL is so easy to use man. So fun also. No need to enter our information over and over again. Single click and bam. You've purchased something!

Okay, VERY pointless post. I actually had more things to type. But I'm feeling very word-limited. So yah.


Gotta confabulate. (HAHAHAHAH)


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