Thursday, September 4, 2008

This is the way I need to wake..

I wake to you.

Oh my gooosh. I love love LOVE the song, Joshua Radin ft Ingrid Michaelson - Sky. Recommended by Chris :) Its a wonderful song! Very inappropriate for me but its such a pretty song :) The lyrics are just.. lovely. They are.

NATHANIEL ; No, I have not change the way I'm replying. Just wanted to try something different. Hehe
ELAINE ; Hi! :) Well, IB's difficult if you aren't willing to work hard. Its alright for me :) I'm kinda struggling, but all is good.
JIM ; haha! Nat's comments are sometimes very randomly cute. HAHA and no it does not remind me of fornication :( I likeD the word confabulation!! Its so .. happy.
ESTHER ; yes! Amazing right. It makes everyone happy :)
DIANA ; hahaha. what? :P

Wow, I'm feeling extremely chatty. Just got home from school. Did the amazing race: ISB edition (trial). HAHA Partnered up with Kalowee (L). Team name: Sungerbob. (the u has two dots above it) :D For today, we were the only girl team! AND WE DIDN'T GET LAST! We got second last. How cool is that? :) I think our problem was cause we couldn't solve the first clue so we just decided to follow Adam and Akmal. But that was a mistake cause they were wrong. Damn. Should have followed Fauzay :( But oh well. All is good :) haha It was fun! A little frustrating and tiring but good overall. Real thing starts next week. I hope we are not the first team to get eliminated :( Must wear sport shoes next week. I wore slippers today.

And this is the state of my study table. 5 days without a maid. I am useless :(

How many things can you spot thats not supposed to be on a "study" table? :P haha hopeless.


I WATCHED GOSSIP GIRL SEASON TWO EPISODE ONE. I love Blair Waldorf. She's awesome even if she's all bitchy and stuff. :) There's one scene towards the end.
3 words, 8 letters. Say it and I'm yours.
AH. Loved that line. So hot. HAHAHA Wtf. but yeah, it was a good first episode for S2. Can't wait for the next. Nate Archibald, is the hotness. :) Chuck Bass just looks weird sometimes. I don't like Serena Van derWoodsen (sp?) or Dan Humphrey or Jenny for the matter. So nothing on them. haha I really don't like Jenny's face lo. HAHA wtf

SO YES. Singapore in a week! I'm very excited now :D hehehehe. Gonna be sharing a room with Vivian cause she's the only girl with me in music class. So, 2 girls in a room while in the other room, 5 guys! Chris, James, Nick, Shotaro and A-man. how hot is that? (Maybe more? Chris said the Yr 12s are in as well, but I'm not sure.)AHHA. Maybe they won't have to cram like sardines/tuna. Or maybe the room will be big. I think they'll be getting the master bedroom since we're getting an apartment on Orchard road :) Haha. I hope we won't have to wait for toilets 0.0 And I've got an agreement with A-man. :) its a mutual agreement. But I'm rather excited bout that as well! Finally! :D Don't have to worry anymore. I wanna have some Auntie Annie's Pretzel- Cinammon sugar! and some of those Takoyaki (you know the one at the basement of takashimaya): Cheese and Bacon please. Zzz I have to eat them before I come home. MISSION! HAHA

hahah. So semangat to blog today.

Oh wait, before I end..

You will always be my lover of St'Andrews :)
You made SAS so much bearable along with those other special ones.
All the photo sessions in the toilets. HAHA and yeah. I miss you!
Have a great 18th!


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