Friday, September 5, 2008

Its getting harder to stay.

CHRIS ; I don't only like the song. I love it! :)
FAUZI ; its okay zay, you got first with Isa anyway :( hahaha
QIDAH ; eh. We were third okay! (out of 4 teams :$) HAHA But yes. SEE YOU NEXT WEEK COMPETITION.
JIM ; Well, I'm not sure what language it is. But, it might be turkish, cause I got the phrase from Turkey. And yes, Sunger (with the u dotted..) means sponge. Spongebob Squarepants is Sungerbob Karepantolon. (u is dotted)
NECROLIC ; I'll get a fairly smaller desk in Uni so I won't have the chance to be so messy.
ERIC ; smelly! :( Why! hahaa
CHUA ; thank you chua :P
ANGEL ; Yes I do :D it has 6 different spongebob expression on it. hurhurhur
ELENA ; you're welcome lah :)

Yes, thats a picture of the bestie and I end of last year, just before the O's :) I remember the day so clearly. We were in the new-ish library doing nothing. Just taking tons of pictures and talking crap. It was fun :)

Actually, get ready to see like old pictures in the future cause whenever I don't have any pictures to post, I'll be posting these pictures cause I found a stash of old pictures (dates back to 2004/5) in an old computer in the office! It was like, yeah. Hidden and I was just randomly browsing through the computer. I would have posted more pictures today.. but the internet is being a beech as per usual. So yes. I've got SO many pictures! haha

I used to be so fair! And I used to have really weird smiles cause of my braces. Its like, I wanted to smile with my teeth but I couldn't cause I was pretty shy about my braces. I kind of regret that now cause I really miss my braces! And I've got so little photos of me showing my braces. I also remember why I wanted braces *blush* hahahaha! Its so silly, now that I think about it.

I guess looking at these pictures made me reminisce a lot. And miss tons and tons of people. And I really missed the times we had. As cliche as that sounds. I mean, really. :)

I was gonna blog more. But I received a phonecall, talked for about 45 minutes and now my ears are burning and my blogging spirit just died. Tomorrow! :) I'll blog.

Played Posh Boutique for awhile just now. It is an addictive game. And very fun too! :) like diner dash but with clothes, shoes, gloves and all sorts of apparels. :)

I love clothes.

A girl can never have too many clothes.


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