Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cause I feel good.

Hello! :) Its been awhile since I last posted something decent with pictures and such. I've yet to blog about the singapore trip with pictures :( and the outing with the Super Troupers.. and yeah. School's been busy. Absolutely busy and as I type this, I actually have two presentations due for tomorrow :( But oh well. Oh Biology and Business. Speaking of business, we had a class test just now. I'm sure Kalowee agrees it didn't go too well. I was too happy to be concentrating on my test. SO YES. I can imagine Mr Holmes shaking his head while he's "scanning" through our answers. hahaha

Kakakalowee and I :)

Old school much?
Marcus and Ken's.
On saturday, I went out with the cousin and my aunt and their cousins :) Had sushi and ice cream and oh-so-yummy waffles! :)

I was tall and I wasn't tip-toeing :D
I love you Mei.


Amberlyn :)
So yes. Okay, i would totally blog more but time is running out!!! On the other hand, the internet is being pleasant! I could upload the pictures so quick! it was amazing. I WILL BE BACK!

and his genious face :P

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