Thursday, September 25, 2008

Carrot cakes and you.

MEIMEI ; I know right. Truly the 'devil' in disguise. Tsktsk
JIM ; nice to know :P
KRYSTAL ; it is a good book! Recommended for reading :D
ANGEL ; The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Its a wonderful book (:

Y'know the Japanese singer, YUI? I always thought it was pronounced as YUI.. like just YUI. Apparently, the real pronounciation is YU-EE. Two syllables. Hmm. These foreign pronounciations baffle me sometimes. Haha

Today's been a pretty swell day! :D Day started pretty shitty I guess.. with two presentations due (which I wasn't very sure, cause I procrastinate and only finished both the night before *sad face*) but thank God, both went pretty okay. Not good, but okay. None of the teachers complained, so its koo. :D I swear, I've got to stop this procrastination business ;( I need to be more focused..

Speaking of focus. Thats my new catch phrase (?!!) Haha. Like, really randomly, will go up to a person. i.e Kalowee, cup their face and look into their eyes, saying Focus, Focus. and so some hand movement HAHA and then go on talking as usual. Get it Get it? haha You probably don't :P Classmates etc, will get it. :D

Anyhoo, I was saying.. Right. Gotta stop all procrastination business :( Speaking of procrastinating, my MALAY WL is due after this term holidays! and I've got two weeks to conjure up not one, not one and a half but TWO 1,500 words MALAY essay about books I have not read. God, give me strength. haha

Speaking of Holidayss...*smirks :D* Last day of the term would be this coming Wednesday or Thursday (depending when Hari Raya falls on) :D and then no school till the 13th! :D and on the 17th would be International Day. So exciting! :D The holidays are gonna be good. Good to get away from everything for awhile. Plus, I'm going somewhere! For the first 5 days or so. Too bad I'll be missing Raya! :( I was looking forward to visiting people's open houses!! (i.e Najee, QQdah, Fauzay, Ayeshahh, A-man (?), Adam! and them lot) and yeah! :( and most of them are opening on the second day of Raya which will be either Thursday or Friday :( I can't make it. I'll be back on Sunday! Blashpemy. Maybe I'll be able to visit em all after I get back. If they have more than one open house?! (do you guys do that T_T)


:D :D :D

Yeap! :D Kalowee and I obtained the 5th position (out of 9 places) today and that makes us eligible to run in the next round! :D So exciting!! HEHE. Today's challenges were pretty alright I guess, Sudoku, Football and hell lots of Anagrams. :D I SURPRISED MYSELF and KALOWEE IN SUDOKU! I finished and got the puzzle right after two tries! Like, I was pretty fast okay. When they told me I was correct, I stared blankly at the girl's face for like 2 seconds. HAHA I swear. Dayum.

Went over to the Stadium's Ramadhan stalls after school with the mother. Haha. Bought SO many things, both our hands were filled with plastic bags! Bought: Satay, Tonkeng Ayam, Mee Goreng, Meehoon Goreng, Samosas, Assorted Kuehs, Pulut Sambal, Prawn fritters.. and Sugar Cane juice! I LOVE SATAY! and peanut sauce! Too bad they didn't have Ketupats today :( I was craving for some SO badly. Mother and I have been stuffing our faces full with all these food cause the ramadhan stalls are only up till beginning of next week! Cause the muslim's are gonna be finishing their puasa :( And I LOVE RAMADHAN STALLS!! Cheap and Delicious food. Oh well.

You know what I hate. Biting my toungue/side of my mouth :( and ULCERS. Ohmygad I've got so many ulcers in my mouth and yet, I'm eating all these fried + spicy food. Oh woe is my mouth! haha. I swear, nothing can ever stop me from eating. Food = Love = Life. Or is it Life = Food = Love. Someshit like that lah. haha. BUT YAH. So painful my mouth :( especially when I brush my teeth. My gad.

OK. This is long right? :D Its been so long since I've typed all over the place like this. And... I FEEEEEEEEL NICE like sugar and spice. HAHAHA



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