Friday, September 26, 2008

I've been secretly falling apart a scene

"There was once a girl who didn't know love until a boy broke her heart."
:D ; a title that means something to me. So yeah.
ALEX ; haha ok
JIM ; HAHA! :P I do talk pretty fast huh :P How was reading fast? Was it anything like me talking fast? :P
NAT ; haha thank you :P

hello! :) School started off with a depressing "assembly" for the year 13s and 12s regarding our Dress Code. What is this! The only skirts we'll be wearing are those over the knees. This is bullshite. All my skirts are either just above the knees or above above the knees. I guess I have like.. 3 skirts? That'll fit the requirement. Thank God they took away the horrible rule of "dark shoes only" And the boys, not allowed to wear polo shirts (I think :S). I love guys in polo shirts! So .. rugged ok. HAHA wteff. So random. Actually, I don't really remember what was being said this morning. I was too busy laughing with Kalowee about certain people (I do not know who) who, brings a different set of clothes to school in the morning just so the IB coordinator doesn't catch him/her and changes after passing him at the gate in the morning. I mean, that's pretty desperate right? haha and Like, I don't know. I can't be bothered dressing up for school :( So pointless! everything's not allowed now. Meh. Its like, at the beginning, its all fun dressing up and stuff but after awhile you get bored and just pop on anything from the closet. haha. OH. No more tailored shorts/ three-quarters! only long pants/jeans :( boo.

OH and I watched Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 4 just now! So.. exciting this episode. I LOVE BLAIR. And the Queen Bee Serena! Like, so cool ok. Dan is getting on my nerves. Eurgh! And Jenny's just Jenny, blah. Chuck's pretty disgusting while.. NATE. is smoking. I LOVE HIS EYES! haha. I especially LOVE Blair's dress when she was looking at what Vanessa's phone? And Serena's when she was at the restaurant with Dan and Amanda (?) Yeah. I'm not that pleased that Serena's taken back her Queen Bee Status and now Blair's not the QB :( But oh well. So far, Serena does a pretty good bitchy stare, so thats fine :) As Long as she keeps that up ;) AHA wtf

This weekend is gonna be a pretttty tiring weekend I'm thinking. I've got
  1. Music IA Intro
  2. Business IA Draft
  3. TOK Essay
  4. Maths Test on Monday
And we've got extra classs tomorrow in the morning from 8 to 11.30am for Maths and English. And then a little get together for lunch @ Excapade I think. I'm gonna spend the rest of my afternoon+ night finishing my work and revising for maths! I wanna do well in the next test, I think. :(

*woah. suddenly amelia sounds so motivated. wteff HAHA*

And badminton in Sunday? Maybe? mmm....

Anyway, here are the 3 weeks OVERDUE-ED pictures from the Singapore YR 13 Music Trip on the 12/09/08 to 14/09/08. There's actually plenty more pictures but Chris didn't give me his whole stash :( SO I stole some off his site (U know u love me Christopher :D) and Yeah. The pictures I have on this post, I got most of them from Vivian! here goes :)

With Vivian! In Brunei's Airport

In the plane with Chris and A-man (who slept most of the time)

Our very sad room. (Viv and I)
Yes, its tiny. What were you expecting :(
Hahaha. But it was cosy enough :D

Viv and I before going out.

Outside the Esplanade. Yes, we were being very touristy.

We had awesome brownies just before the orchestra!

(L-R, A-man, Mr J, Mrs C, Me, Chris )

Then we all had Subway for dinner.
Vivian had the half foot Sub while all the guys had the one foot sub.
I ordered a mini-sub. HAHA
(it was quite a sight seeing all of us smartly dressed in Subway :P)

Ya Nick wants to race some cars.

*WARNING- Pretty explicitly posed pictures ahead*

Yes, these are the transvertites a.k.a 'Pondan's who were supposedly prostitues..
There's innocent ol' me looking at something in the shop and suddenly, these people came over and used me as a prop while signalling Nick to take pictures.
Yes, everyone else was too chicken to help me out of the situation :(
(everyone else meaning: Viv, A-man, Nick, James, Sho and Chris -.-)
This resulted me being covered in GLITTER and standing under the shower for a very long time.
AND YES, i'm aware I have very weird/wacky facial expressions in all the pictures.
You would to if some transvertites randomly came up to you and demanded you touch their fake boobies T_T
*Scar-ed for life*

I resisted ok, and she/he was like.. "its ok, come"

Nick dunno how to take pictures :P

And then finally, Nick overcame his fear and finally took pictures with himself included.
This is apparently Nick "comforting" me after the terrible ordeal -.-
Which btw, wouldn't have happened if he believed me when I said they were guys who turned girls :( haha

Perfume bottles labled.. "A" "M" "E".

Viv who sat down as soon as she saw the herd of trans walking towards me :(
What is this

After 2 hours of sleep. Woke up at 4.30am to Sahur with A-man.
Which meant having milk and 3 Nutella Sandwiches in the early morning.
And then I couldn't sleep :( So I just sat and stared and thought and did practically nothing till Viv woke up.
This is when we were getting ready to go out :)

Hunting for breakfast with Viv and Chris. Got frustrated cause I was looking for a chinese foodcourt but we couldn't find any and settled for McDonalds.

After Shopping. :)
My arms got like a brilliant work out after that day :P

At night, we went over to Clark Quay.. Dinner and the Jazz Club.

At the Jazz Club Place.
(L-R) Viv, Me, Nick, Sho, A-man, James, Mr J, Alvin and Chris)

At night, packing our stuffs.
I only got an hour sleep that night :(

Just before we leave the next morning.
That's Viv's baby on the bed :P HAHA

Long post yes? :D bah.


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