Wednesday, September 10, 2008

cause you're sweeter than apple pie.

I've been meaning to blog about this:All Gossip Girl Fans, you've watched Season 2, Episode 1 yes? :) Thats the swimsuit Blair has on while she was chit-chatting with Serena :D ITS SO PRETTY RIGHT?!!! T_T Goodness. I love love love the swimsuit! Although I'm pretty certain the cut only fits super skinny modelesque figure. Damn all those currypuffs and all things fried and sugary :(

HAVE U WATCHED GG, S02E02? I watched it just now :D thankewwww Najihah! :D hehe. I LOVE BLAIR. She's so gorjus ok. And Nate's such a pretty boy. I absolutely LOVE Serena's dress @ Blair's party. SO pretty. Goodness.

ANYWAY, Yeah. I need to update. HI JIM, ALEX AND ERIC thesmelly :)

Going over to Singapore in one day. Like, after tomorrow.. Friday! I'm excited, I've not packed. I've got my dresses! :) I'm actually pretty curious to find out how the trip is gonna be like. I'm hoping we've got enough free time on Saturday cause I've really got to pick up some stuff. And I hope I get to eat everything I need to it. In addition to auntie annie's and takoyaki.. I need subway. And I need to get a pair of sneakers (or anything similar to that) for school! They're being really strict bout the dress codes this year. It sucks! We can't wear round collared tees, high heels... bright coloured shoes... Its so depressing :( I've got like 0 things to wear now .Everythings getting boring. Like, if you rewear something too often, doesn't it get boring? It does right?! exactly.

*very little people, (i'm guessing one of two) would get this whole passage really.* And, those two. Perfect match in heaven. I couldn't be more happier for them :) No, I'm not being sarcastic at all. I'm actually (and quite surprising if I might say so myself) being sincere.

Went to shahbandar with Shim and Kenken and of course, Kalowee yesterday. It was good! :D Talked so much crap + the scenery after killer hill was awesome. It was really nice that I/ with you guys got to unwind a little. :) + since schoolworks been absolutely horrible. All the IAs and EE work + TOK?! and those little bits of homework here and there. Its no wonder I'm being invaded by acne + weight gain. WHY! HOMEWORK!!!! :(

Apart from that, this week has been somewhat productive :) I've done introductions for my Business IA and EE, maths, and I DID my TOK presentation today (although it was complete shit. so embarassing) and oh my, SO HARDWORKING OK. :)

Here's some pictures cause I'm lazy to type more and I've got BIOLOGY and MATHS to finish up.

My darlings, Daisy and Melody!


During DT club @Monday.
(i'm gonna make me a dvd shelf with Naji)


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