Sunday, September 14, 2008

You could fall for pretty strangers,

And the promises that they hold. (exactly what I did.)
You promised me everything,
You promised me through thick and thin.

*wordy lengthy post ahead!* (great time waster.)

Back from Singapore! The trip was an absolute blast :) I would not lie, there were some downs but mostly ups. Since we only went for two nights and barely three days, it was a really rushed trip. But oh well. Shopping, food, not sleeping, walking around in heels that gave me bruised toes :( .. hahaha it was all good.

Friday, left school at approx 10.30 in the morning after a delightful two periods of Biology. Our flight was delayed for an hour and a half. Managed to watch about half of the movie 'Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind'. I still need to find the dvd! But yeah, upon reaching we took our little mini las vegas (haha!) to our apartment where we were assigned our rooms. 4 rooms, between 9 people + 1 freaking toilet. 5 boys squeezed into one room! They had to bring up 3 extra matresses. Haha There were no walking space in their room at all. With all their belongings on the floor filling up spaces. If you walked in there at night without any lights, you'd fall flat on your face.

Vivian and I got a very nice cozy room. Small enough to fit one queen size bed + drawer + small wadrove and a small bedside table. It was good though :) because the room was small, at night, it was freezing! and we only had one really thin blanket! So, Viv had on like 4 layers of clothes while I had on like 3. Haha! And we still freezed up. It was nice though.

Luckily the toilets weren't an issue. Maybe cause it was the shortage of girls since there were a majority of boys. (6 : 3) And yeah. And the boys um.. took very little time in the showers. So it was good. The kitchen was pathetic. Nothing worked cept the fridge.

So, friday night, headed out to the Esplanade for the Singapore Symphony Orchestra. It was nice :) really entertaining. To be completely honest, I thought I was gonna get bored and fall asleep. But it was otherwise! I had so much fun listening and just watching in awe at how the violins just seem to move in harmony and the harpist! She was so graceful. It was beautiful. Vivian fell in love ;) haha! I saw MTV vj Denise Keller! She's gorgeous. Christopher, Shotaro and Nick took a picture with her. I didn't know it was her, till they told me. But I kept telling A-man the whole night that, that girl is absolutely gorgeous! Haha. (yes, I do look at girls. XD) She had like flawless skin and she's so tall! Goodness. After the SSO, we were given free time to get dinner around the area and we all ended up at Subway. After which, we returned to the apartment and was given more free time to roam around till late.

During this period of time, while the teachers grabbed coffee at a nearby Starbucks.. We roamed around, visiting 7eleven more than once. and we got into an encounter (mostly me) with two transvertites. I don't know how to explain, but basically, I have pictures of me with these um people, posing rather rudely. :S Once I get the pictures from Viv! I'll post em up. :) Speaking of pictures, I didn't take much in Singapore. Vivian and Christopher did though. So I'm hoping they'll post it up in FB or something so I can do a picture post :) So right, yeah. It was hilarious and disgusting. I got to feel how a fake boobie felt like. (I was forced to, technically) and it was rubbery. Eww. Haha Gave myself a good bath head to toe that night. -.-

The next morning, after having a calorie laden breakfast at Mcdonalds.. we went off to the music stores to do some music-related stuff. The saxophonists (sp?) had to buy stuff for their saxs, the pianists had to look for piano scored, the guitarist looked out for guitar thingies and the drummer basically yeah. Hahaha Well, It was rather unproductive for me then. Only managed to buy 1 single piano book.

The afternoon was simply what I was looking forward to! :D Free time the entire afternoon. Vivian and I (and sometimes A-man, Nick, Shotaro at intervals and James for the first 2 hours) conquered Orchard road in.. about 4 to 5 hours :D Angel would have gone crazy. It was impulse shopping at its best. In this 4 -5 hours, I managed to.. buy.. 5 shirts, 6 books, 1 shoes, 1 skirt, 3 bags and some random things like stationery, contacts and stuff. I also managed to eat, ice-cream in bread found all along orchard road (yam- no less:D) Takoyaki! (both ham&cheese and octopus) Fried japanese noodles and Bread Papa's custard puff thing and the cornet thing. it was soooo goooooooood. I swear. Like, i must have eaten all my weight lost back. My feet and back was killing me and I've gained a some muscles i think from all the bags I was carrying. I felt like such a klutz as well since i keep bumping into people cause my bags was in the way :$ but it was all good. I felt a little bad though cause Viv didn't buy as much.. and she was like , " Amelia, do you need that." HAHA She's so cute! Thanks to her, I didn't impulse buy lipglosses, and more shirts and jeans. I think I would have regretted. Haha

Speaking of Viv, she's been an awesome room partner + shopping partner + food partner + airplane partner. Haha! She's so fun and my chinese has improved drastically!!! So exciting okay. Like, I can have proper LONG conversations with her all in chinese! Sure, I mix all kinds of dialects (Canto, Mandarin and Hokkien) but she still gets me :D and that's all that really matters...... right? HAHA

So right, at night we spent it at Clarke Quay having expensive Japanese food (everything was bloody expensive lah) for dinner :( and Haagen Dazes (sp?) after. (OH so GOOD. Berries and Cream for me (L)) and went to a Jazz Club where we experienced a hallmark moment. The vocalist's birthday is today and at approx her boyfriend along with her family and friends appear with balloons and cake! Singing and.. it was SO sweet. And her boyfriend (also a singer) sang a song for her! IT was SO SWEET. It brought tears to my eyes okay. Haha *so emo* Like, he incorporated her name into the song! And it was amazing. And then they sang a duet together. It was SO cute. Goodness. I had no idea things like this even happened in real life. I felt like I was in a movie. Two people so obviously was very nice :)

OH right. Time spent sleeping. I would say.. first night.. 2 hours. I woke up at 4.30 to accompany A-man to uh open his fast. And like, after waking up and eating with him I just couldn't sleep. So I stayed awake till everyone woke. Last night, I slept for about 1 hour. Spent time packing my bags (I came to singapore with 1 luggage, I went home with 2 full luggages- thank god I brought an extra bag :D) and talking with Viv. And I woke at 4.30 again to watch A-man wolf down 4 fillet-o-fish in the morning (he almost surrendered halfway thru his 3rd burger hahaha) while I had some milk. Haha and since our flight was early, I just took a shower and everyone was ready to go by 6.30.

Bought soushi (sushi in canto) in the airport and some headgear (haha wtf) and magazines in the airport. And had the flight over and I slept on the plane! I am that tired. I usually can't sleep on planes. Too uncomfortable. But yeah. It was all good. Spent the whole afternoon today just sleeping. Like from 2 till 6, I was sleeping. And I'm still so bloody tired! And I have not finished unpacking completely and I can't do no homework cause I left all my books in school.. and yah. So lazy. I think I'm gonn have a early night in. School tomorrow! Wtf. I don't want :(

Yeah. I know. wordy wordy. I'll get pictures soon enough to post em up :D hehe. I look horrible in the pictures. -_- I think. Like, so unflattering my hair. I look so odd. But I like my hair. I am thinking of cutting it again cause the ends are pretty uneven now. They're not a straight line anymore :( haha But I spent so much money straightening it, it would be a waste to cut again right? mmm..I LOVE SHORT HAIR! Its SO much easier and lighter.

Speaking of which, Singapore is so freaking humid! and hot!! My hair gets greasy SO fast, specially my fringe. So I had to wash my hair twice a day. The minute I step out, I start sweating. Its horrible the heat -_- Thank god for air-conditioned malls and shopping centres and ice-cream on the side of the road (L) And Slushies in 7eleven. Haha.

MISSIONS COMPLETED (and more), cept for Auntie Annie's Pretzels :( But my dad says we might be heading out fof the country next month. So till ada chance :D hahaha . I hope we are going for a holiday. God Knows my mom needs a good holiday :( We're still short of a maid!!! Its so freaking depressing. I can't seem to find anything in my room! And its so bloody messy -.- Argh.

Anyway, conclusion for the trip. Sure some people have their differences and everything but everyone made the trip fun! It wouldn't have been the same if somebody didn't come along. I'm glad I got this opportunity to spend time with my entire music class. Everyone was being absolutely lovely :) No fights, no nothing. Just.. fun time and really really random times. And everyone was helpful and considerate. It was good :) and watching SSO @ the Esplanade was an experience, definitely. Despite the whole trip being so rushed, it was still enjoyable. Kudos to the teachers in charge, Mr J and Mrs C :) for being so sporting and flexible :D hehehe

Yeah. Okay. I should stop. I've typed so much already. hehehehe.

lots of love,

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