Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Love and truth

I'm absolutely in love with YUI - Love and Truth. You've got to download the song. Doesn't matter if you don't get the meaning of the song (since its in Jap,) I've got the translation at the bottom here. :) The meaning's wonderful.

Sorry for the short posts now. I'm busy and there's too many things on my mind..

Term break in 2 weeks. I cannot wait. God knows, I need to escape from all this for a while.


Lyrics for YUI - Love and Truth

Konna ni omotteiru chikau wa tomattekurenai
Karappa no kokoro wa anata no kimochi wo mada mitsukerarenai

Onaji e wo ni doto egaku koto wa dekinai no ni
Atashi no kanjou wa tada kurikaeshite bakari

“Ai no uta” wo kikasete yo sono yokogao mistumeta
Anata no koto shiritai yo mou deatte shimatta yo

Donna ni sabishikutemo mata eeru kigashiteiru kara
Ryuunante iranai ikikasenai koto wo shitteiru

Kono mama ja wasuremono ni natte shimau deshou?
Atashi no kanjou wa namida no oku kagayaita

“Ai no uta” wo kikasete yo sono yokogao sono saki ni
Anata ga ima mitsumeteru hito ga iru to wakattemo

Tsubasa wo kudasai to shinjite utau you ni atashi datte chikau yo
Kako mo zenbu ukeirerutte kimeta

“Ai no uta” wo kuchizusamu sono egao ni fureta ni
Anata ga ima mitsumeteru hito ga iru to wakattemo

“Ai no uta” wa owaranai mou deatte shimatta no
…owaranai…Love and Truth

English Translation

I’m thinking about you so much…time doesn’t stop for me
My empty heart still can’t find your feelings

I can never draw the same picture twice
But my emotions are just repeating over and over again

Let me listen to your “love song.” (1) I stared at your profile (2)
I want to know about you, now that I’ve met you

No matter how lonely I get, I have a feeling we’ll meet again
I don’t need a reason; I know I can’t turn back

With the way it is now (3), I’ll just become a part of your memory(4), right?
My emotions shone like the depths of tears…

Let me listen to your “love song.” Your profile…
I understand there’s a person you’re gazing at right in front of you but… (5)

Please give me wings and believe that, just as with this song (6), I swear
I’ve decided to accept all the past

I hum the “love song”…I want to touch your smiling face
Even though I know that there’s someone you’re gazing at

My “love song” never ends - I’ve already met you (7)
…It never will end…

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