Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Love and Truth

I'm so excited! Gossip Girl S2, Episode 3 is in the process of being downloaded! Currently @ 11% but better a little than nothing at all.

My right palm is bleeding right now :( And there's this huge blister in the middle of nowhere. Know why? CAUSE *jeng jeng jeng* Amelia did some gardening just now! :D for a whole hour!! :D I was sweeping up all the dead leaves and rotten fruits :(

JIM ; it was 2 whole hours :D with 15 minutes intermission in between
CASSIE ; thank you! :)
NAT ; i know! no pictures. Soon.. I need to get pictures from friends!
CHRIS ; I love you! hahaha I know :( they're like grey in colour now. and its fine. you didn't kacau me thattttt much :P
ERIC ; why you bite! haha
YESMEAN ; hahaha! I love the swimsuit T_T
YVONNE ; okay (:
NAJee; Yah! luckily you got Danny. HAHA :P
FAUZI ; apa ni. You come to my blog to demand gg from naj :( Why no hi amelia one
MEI, ALEX ; thanks :)

Its a public holiday tomorrow! Thank God.

Gonna wake early to give the two dogs a shower and do some daily chores. I might be going out with awesome people in the afternoon for Mamma Mia, hopefully :( haha. Gonna participate in a 3-way call tonight! if Caterpillar remembers or is free. What is this non-international school people having holidays now. Lucky beeches. HAHA. Its okay. My holidays comes in 2 weeks :D so yay that.

Fek eh. My palm really hurts :(

Gotta change my toenail colour. I'm thinking... ORANGE! Shit man. I'm feeling so funky right now. *funky?! wtf* anyway, yeah. I feel very carefree ish. Like, i really can't be bothered to give a shit about anything right now. And they say everything happens for a reason right? Pfft. Oh well.

Been downloading shitload of songs today. Like random songs. Reallllly random songs.

OOH. I might be going somewhere during the holidays! During Hari Raya though, so boo. but meh

I feel so unhealthy today. Ate so much. Sure, I only had one single carrot juice packet for lunch.But after school... junk food galore. Ham ching piang with red bean paste, butter cake, pulut with that green thing, indonesian kuehs with sago.... why do I do this to my body? :( Poor body. HAHA

SHIT. I'm talking crap. I REALLY NEED TO GET PICTURES. %^!$&^%@


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