Thursday, October 30, 2008

Drink up beautiful,

I spiked your cup with angst and a heart attack,
cause I've got so much trapped because of you..
So, I figured you would like some back. (:

CHLOE ; Hi5! :D today's like our awesome day. :D
JUDS ; he's awesome right? :D
SANDRA B ; hi love! (: Orals were fine, not too great but it wasn't too shabby. Hehe
ABBY ; hi! I'm fineee (: hehe
ESTHER ; yes, he is.. yes he is ^^
NECROLIC and NAT ; yeah man. Thien thien chicken rice the best.
SHIM; hehehe of course, my main priority that.
DIANA ; i don't like avocado. unless its in guacamole or something. I absolutely hate it in sushi/sandwiches. blargh. haha



The Winning team
(for today only lah)
SO EXCITING OKAY. Cause we were the second last, last week so we were really demotivated today! and thought we were gonna get eliminated. And by the third obstacle (there are 4), Kalowee and I were the last already. MANA TAHU, !! :D At the last final thingy, we managed to pass first!! :D and like, yeah. When Mr Holmes was like ," Team Sungerbob, you are the first team to arrive.." (something along those lines,.) Kalowee and I started screaming and jumping!! HAHAHAHA. Funny shit okay. :)Yes, our team is called Sungerbob. Turkish for Spongebob if you were wondering :P So exciting (: and So happy lah us.

Monster and I :P
(Kalowee's lil' bro Eric)

Yeah, after winning today's round of Amazing Race, Kalowee and I headed down to Shahbandar for some trekking. Not before wolfing down some buttermilk buns + a whole bunch of chocolate :P hahahaha. I swear. Food will be the death of us. I've had SO much buttermilk buns this week and cucur keladis, ABCs, mmm bread, KAYA! :) God. The best of the best. A-man and Kenken joined us at Shahbandar. I manged to conquer 9 hills in 1 hour and 15 minutes! Although, that was including like so much time talking :P I think if I didn't talk that much i could have finished everything within an hour! Or less 0=) HAHA. My goal! by end of december, finish 9 hills by 45 minutes!!!! :D

Yah, I'm gonna do some maths and decide if I should dress up for halloween in school tomorrow.. :S

Before I go though, Here's one with Becky! :) From last week. My hair's a total mess :( HAHA I love you beccccky. Actually, my face is a total mess :( oh well. life goes on. HAHA

Today has been absolutely awesome! :) Laughed till I cried a couple of times even. Yay for days like these.


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