Friday, October 31, 2008

But I lacked the courage,

and he had a girlfriend.
I was gawky and he was gorgeous,
& I was hopelessly boring and he was endlessly fascinating..
So, I walked back to my room,
and collapsed on the bed, thinking..
If people were rain, I was a drizzle..
and he was a hurricane.

NAT ; thank you! :) haha yeah, i think when Mr Holmes is said, most people would think Sherlock Holmes :P
ERIC ; hi smelly (: are you sure? *one eyebrow up expression* HAHA
NECROLIC ; that is mean! :( haha
SHIM ; hi shimmy.


Yeah, so today's Halloween and we had mufti day in school just for halloweens. A bunch of people dressed up, I was one of them! Although my um "get-up" was relatively simple.. a bunch of hair clips, paper clips and like two accessories -.- Haha. I came as a rabbit/bunny! :D Complete with a tail and two rabbit ears.

This is my tail that I am very proud off.
My ears were relatively not as nice. :( They looked a little retarded.
So I told people, I got bitten. HAHA WTF LAME I KNOW. shatup
Tons of people came with outrageous outfits from the other years. In my year though, Ayeshah came as the wife from The Addam's Family and I failed to take a picture with her! Hers was awesome, complete with face paint and everything. And her outfit was so cool also. Damn. I wish I took a picture of it :( Others, Roslee.. came as uh, he's not even sure. But yeah, he had really cool eye makeup and gloves! Adam came as Harry Potter :P, Danny came as a warlock.. although he did look a little wizardy, Shimmy came as a scientist who hadn't much sleep for the past few years.. hence the really bad eyebags. HAHA And Elaine came as a vampire. Its such a shame I didn't take pictures! only like these few :( and I look absolutely horrible in them. -.-

Here's Elaine!
You can't see it but she has blood trickling off her mouth. hahaha
Shim and his failed experiment (OK LAME I KNOW SORRY :P)
But he looks more bangang then tired-dead :P HAHA

Kalowee came as a boy!
She did look guy-ish at some points. Most of the time she looked like a farmer. HAHAHAHA WTF.

Yeah. See not much pictures :( oh well. I'm gonna be SO freaking busy this weekend, its not even funny. I have:
a) A whole bunch of maths questions to finish, DUE monday
b) EE, 4ooo words since first draft is DUE wednesday
c) TOK presentation, gotta prepare our introduction DUE wednesday
d) Business definition work, DUE wednesday
e) Malay Orals, gotta practice, DUE next week, real orals in one week ish
f) English, gotta research on India cause we're currently doing Heat and Dust, DUE tuesday
g) Music IA introduction, DUE.. not really but I really need to do it.
h) !!! 3 piece Music Recital DUE monday!!! I AM NOT PREPARED FOR THIS. !!!!! eurgh. I hate playing in front of crowds even if its only my music class and theres gonna only be 8 people. I ALWAYS SCREW UP and then people are gonna think I didn't bother practicing when I have been practicing SO much for the past couple of weeks!!! Eurgh.
i) Malay WL. God help me with this. Eurgh.
j) Study Biology Option C: Respiration/Photsynthesis and all those crap. DUE test on Friday.

yes. I have TONS of work to do. And Khusbooh's having an open house on Sunday for Deepavali So.. Kalowee might be coming Sunday afternoon to do some work together. (REAL WORK!!) and then we can head off to Khusbooh's together. Maybe. :( Hopefully.

Damn. I don't wanna do my music recital in class on Monday. So feked up ok.

Okay, I'm gonna work hard on my Maths tonight. :( I HATE integration and differentiation like wtf do we need them for. And tomorrow night, heading down to the Airport restaurant with my mom for the Malaysian Themed Buffet?! Yeah. Hello food :) the only thing that makes me happy at the moment -.-

Oh and I've got extra Maths class tomorrow morning. Wheehee. I've bought some biscuits and keropok for class. So yes. -.- HAHA wtf. like as if biscuits and keropoks gonna make everything seem better on a saturday morning. Actually, maybe.. I think it will. SO SAD LAH. haha


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