Saturday, November 1, 2008

I should have known that we'd never get anywhere.

You can't fall in love when you're falling apart.
And, you can't make amends if you're only making mistakes.
Empty words can't fix a broken heart.

KENKEN; well, that's why I'm hoping for :( haha
CHRIS ; pfft. At least you'll do well for YOUR recitals :( I turn into some retarded player filled with nervousness. fek.
SHIM, BECKY ; oh-kay. HAHA wtf
NAT ; haha :) Yeah, we got to dress up. Hehehe
NECROLIC ; I don't exactly know what mufti means but basically when its mufti day in isb, it means anyone can wear anything/ don't have to wear school uniform. But this doesnt apply to us/Year 13 or 12 cause everyday's mufti day anyway. haha

Yes, I'm aware its 10.30PM. Yes, I'm aware that tomorrow is just an hour and a half away.. And yes, I know.. Monday is after tomorrow.. therefore (3 dots) in about 31 hours I'd be back in school. with due dates approaching quicker than ever.

I am going to start working on my very non-existant (it exists but.. not much :P) EE in about an hours time.

I just got home from the buffet in RBC! :) Malaysian-themed buffet. It was goood. Went there with my mom. So much to eat! And SCB Platinum cardholders get an extra 30% off! (woah, like advertising) and there's free uh.. caricartures (spelling?!) between 7.30 and 9.30pm. My mom wanted to get one done but there was a long long line we just couldn't be bothered. But yeah. :) It was all good. I love buffets! Its just as good as all-you-can-eat! Well, its basically the same lah. But yeah. And my favourite part of buffets are the desserts! There was ice-kacang, durian, corn, red bean and honeydew ice cream, assortment of puddings, kueh-muihs and cakes.. mmm.. I had everything! I especially loved the durian ice-cream. Had 3 scoops of that. mmm.. I LOVE ICE KACANG with tons of corn as well!!!!!

Anyway, this morning after maths extra class, which was extremely productive.. (Really! I finished off so many questions *proud*) went to Golden Leaf with Kalowee, Shimmy and Viv. It was good :) Had like charsiu rice, bah kut teh.. muachi. And there was kolomee as well. I'm such a food picker. I had some of everything (cept the kolomee :( ) not too much cause right after that, I had lunch with my mom at Thiam Hocks. (BEST Salted Vege+ Fish head soup! *drool*) And breakfast this morning with my dad at Jing Chew! God, I LOVE the buttermilk buns and peanut buns there! What I would do to have them every single morning before school :( all warm and yummy..

Gonna make waffles tomorrow! :D Again, cause my mom wants to have some. Hehe. And we bought Peanut Butter and Kaya just now cause we've run out of them at home. So its all good. And Kalowee's coming over. Apparently she's gonna tapau Kueh Teow Th'ng. But not sure that. haha. Maybe I'll tapau some coconut fried bee hoon for our TOK+EE session in the afternoon. .. hmm.

I apologize *sheepish grin* cause my entry has been all about food. But its one of the main components in my life right now!! So yes. Bear with me. maybe one day i'll get sick of all this food and just stop eating.


Anyhoo. Watched Privileged Episode 7. An abundance of Will today :) He was missing in last week's episode! Maybe thats why last weeks wasn't that good. :P HAHA wtf. But yes, he is still the ultimate hottie. Ahh *swoons* But yes, this weeks episode is good. Megan wasn't as annoying and I absolutely love Rose! She's so sweet. And I think Sage is starting to grow on me :P hahaha.

I'm still in the process of downloading Gossip Girl S02Episode 8. Eurgh. My internet's so shitty. Its frustrating cause it downloads then stop then downloads then stop. Its been 3 days of me trying to download GG and my first try, which was like 82% completed got corrupted in the end. I was so angry.

I've been listening to Chris Brown ft T-pain - Kiss Kiss. Yes, I know its an old song. But its so addictive! haha and its nice as well .So give it a listen :)

OKAY. Completely random post. I best get going.


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